Death And Other Details Episode 8 Recap: Hulu presents a murder investigation show. The show is based on a cruise ship full of rich people with dirty secrets. The unexpected murders that occurred during a vacation journey of the Collier family changed the face of many rich men and finding out the real culprits was the main plot of the show.

The Eighth episode opens with a conversation between Imogene Scott and Celia Chun. Imogene explained in front of everyone that her mother tried to expose the dirty secrets of the Collier family and the witness was Celian Chun. The story went back to one hour before the events. The power went completely off when Leila tried to hack Victor Sam’s server.

Teddy rushed over to the ship staff to get back the power. Anna in a rush cane to Teddy and orders her to bring back the power because Anna have an urgent call to attend. Teddy got angry with her and told them that a man who was so close with Collier’s family died and she was worried about a phone call.

Anna informed Lawrence Collier that their legal representative Llewellyn suicide. Lawrence doesn’t have any affection on him, but Anna seems worried about the whole incident happening on the ship. Meanwhile, Jules got the key from Imogene Scott to get out of the prison. When the guards left, Jules opened the prison door and tried to escape. Winnie begged him to open her door, she told him that, they made her do everything without any knowledge about the truth.

Jules didn’t accept her request, he put another crew member into the prison after a small fight. Leila got out of the hidden storage room and went to meet Anna. She saw Tripp sitting inside her room. Tripp confirmed that Anna and Eleanor had intimate moments earlier. Tripp seems completely depressed after the death of Governor Alexandra.

Leila later went to the dining section of the cruise ship where everyone gathered and discussing about the deaths. Anna came along with Lawrence Collier and their wife, and there she met Leila again. Anna talked about rebuilding their relationship without going to the extent of divorce. Suddenly, Leila walked out and joined the table of the Chun family along with Tripp.

Mrs.Lawrence talked that Anna is apt for the CEO position, but Celia said she is not. Celia told them that, Anna is not a biological daughter of Lawrence Collier. Her real dad is Llewellyn and he just died in front of everyone.

Anna was shocked to hear the news of her real father. Imogene at the same time came near them and talked about her mother’s death and the dirty works of Lawrence Collier. Celia started a telling her past story of working at Collier Mills, her husband died due to the effect of Captionem blue chemical inside Collier Mills. Lawrence Collier bribed everyone and gave some money to Celia to stay silent over the death. She took the money and made her own company to take revenge on Colliers. In the present, she bought the majority shares in collier mills to destroy it.

In the end of the eighth episode, Imogene Scott confronts Lawrence Collier. She asked him about her Mother Kira, he has had dementia disease for some time and he explained that he went against Kira for exposing the deaths at Collier Mills. In the same time, Leila, Teddy, Rufus and Hilde found out that Katherine Collier is Victor sams, she poisoned Alexandra and Llewellyn. Later, Anna found Katherina dead at the pool, suddenly a helicopter landed with a few men with weapons. They knocked out Agent Hilde, and then Imogene asked them if they were with Victor Sams.

Overall the eighth episode was rushed with many twists and turns. We almost got a picture of Collier’s family secrets and more about Victor Sam’s identity. The next episodes will be crucial for the show.



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