Lee Do Han In ‘Wedding Impossible’: Amazon Prime presents their next romantic comedy Korean drama ‘Wedding Impossible’. The drama revolves around the LJ group and the family who runs it. A-Jeong a middle-class family girl who works as a junior artist is a friend of Do-han the next successor of LJ Group. To become the next successor Do-han is forced to marry Chae Won from another well popular family.

But Do-han declines to marry her and tells Grandfather about him having another affair. To fake his girlfriend he asks A-jeong’s help to act as his wife for 3years so that he can leave from here.

Do-han character is played by Korean actor Kim Do-Wan. Kim Do-Wan is a well-established actor in the Korean industry, he has a separate fanbase for his acting. He did many dramas which made him a known face in the industry. Especially his role in the very popular Korean drama Start Up made him very popular. After that series, many viewers started to notice his roles in dramas.

Also, his role in My Roommate is Gumiho also got appreciation from the viewers. In this drama, he has a very important role almost equal to the main lead actor. He shares almost equal screen space as the main lead does. As Do-han, Kim Do-Wan is the best choice for the creators who opted. He matches that character’s appearance and attitude with his natural acting. Like his performances in other shows, he amused everyone with his very easy natural acting.

Do-han is the grandson of the chairman of LJ Group. To continue his legacy he insisted Do-han to be his successor for the company. Do-han’s parents died in his teenage, he was brought to this family by his grandfather with his brother. He didn’t get treated well by other sons because his father was the first husband of his mother. Do-han is not as energetic as Ji-han, he doesn’t like this family business and he is not interested in getting involved in it.

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He went to New York a long time ago for studies. He has a boyfriend there but he can’t talk about his gay relationship to his grandfather because he knows he won’t accept it. So he is using A-jeong to fake his girlfriend. But his brother opposes his contract marriage. Do-han lied about his original family status to A-Jeong even if they had known each other for 15 years. He never told her he is from a rich family.

Do-han character is the main game changer in the series, as he changed the way the story went. All of a sudden because of his fake marriage everything at LJ group family is going to shake. All the plans of everyone change when he marries and becomes the next successor. Still, his wish is to get away from all these businesses and family and live the life he wanted. The whereabouts of what he did in New York and who is his boyfriend are still unknown in the drama.

That’s all about the character of Lee Do-han. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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