The Impossible Heir Episode 3: Disney Plus presents a youth career drama. The show deals with friendship, love and family inheritance. The illegitimate son and his childhood friend jointly move forward with a great ambition of becoming a part of the greatest wealthy group, an unexpected entry of a young woman will change their relationship into a new path is the plot of the show.

The Impossible Heir is a business drama series that deals with the lives of three youngsters. Disney started releasing many South Korean dramas in recent times, this year we already have two popular shows like,  A Shop for Killers and flex x cop. The first two episodes of The Impossible Heir premiered on February 28th. Disney released two episodes at the same time on this date.

The show is an original show from Disney, unlike other television dramas. The show has twelve episodes in total.

The first two episodes got very much popularity already on social media. The show has incredible cast value, which boosts the rating of the show. The last episode ended with an emotional touch. Han Taeo is a poor young man from a low-class family, his father is cold-blooded and ruthless. His father is in jail for domestic violence and murder attempts, his mother is in a temple hidden. Kang Inha is the illegitimate son of Kangoh group’s Chairman, he has been downgraded by his family for a long time.

Han Taeo and Kang Inha had a few clashes at the starting stage of their school life. Later, they became close friends and partners. Han Taeo made a deal with Kang Inha to help each other for a bigger and brighter future at Kangoh group. During their college days, they met a young woman named Na Hye Won, who’s also a poor and struggling person like Han Taeo.

The three bonded together as friends at first, later Kang Inha and Han Taeo started to get feelings for her, it became a clash in their friendship. Han Taeo fixed his mind to move forward with his goal of working with Kang Inha. At the end of the last episode, they both got recruited into the Kangoh group.

The Impossible Heir upcoming episodes already got so many people in waiting. The next episode will showcase the present time when Han Taeo will be working on the strategy team of Kangoh Group and Kang Inha will try his best to get appreciation from his father the chairman while working at the company. Disney already released two episodes from the show.

There are ten episodes that are scheduled to be released in the upcoming weeks with two episodes per week. Episodes 3 and 4 are scheduled to be released on March 6 through Disney Plus.

The latest two episodes of ‘The Impossible Heir’ now streaming through Disney Plus with English subtitles.



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