Yoon Chae Won In ‘Wedding Impossible’: Amazon Prime presents a twelve-episodic romantic comedy Korean drama. A-jeong is from a middle-class family who is trying to achieve something in the acting field, and she tries very hard to get good roles to make her dream come true.

Ji-han is the grandson of the biggest company LJ Group’s chairman. But his grandfather didn’t accept him as his heir, instead asked his brother Do-han to become his next successor with one condition that is to marry Chae Won.

But Do-han is not interested in all this and he has a gay relationship with his boyfriend so he is unable to tell his grandfather. So he asks favour to his friend A-jeong to act as his wife in the contract for 3 years for money.

Yoon Chae-Won character is played by Bae Yoon-Kyoung. Bae Yoon-Kyoung is a South Korean actress and model. She is a young charming beautiful actress who did her roles that matched her charming looks. She does excellent acting for her roles. She acted in many dramas till now, and each of them had different types of roles she dealt with. She did an excellent job portraying her roles in all the dramas she acted. She is known for her acting in the Joseon Beauty Pageant (2018) and The King’s Affection (2021).

Especially her role in “The King’s Affection” gave her good popularity in the Korean industry. She also did roles in the dramas Hi Bye, Mama (2020), The Miracle We Met (2018), Doctor Prisoner (2019), My Unfamiliar Family (2020), and Undercover (2021). All these dramas are very popular among South Korean audiences and also international audiences which makes her a known face among the audiences.

Yoon Chae-Won is a pretty modern girl from the family that runs Taeyang Group. Taeyang Group is the biggest leading group in South Korea. Yoon Chae-Won is a very intelligent girl who knows how to run a business very well. She is well educated and does her job very well at this young age.

She is divorced from her husband and now his family want to marry her to Do-han of LJ Group. At the meeting with Do-han’s other grandsons, Do-han’s grandfather tells him to marry Chae Won because when he marries her nobody will challenge them in business as Taeyang is so powerful and well established.

Also, Do-han doesn’t know whether management or the shareholders won’t accept him as the next successor so his grandfather tells that Chae Won will handle management and the shareholders. Her efficiency in running a company is clear from those words. To cover up the bad name caused by the divorce of Yoon Chae-Won, her family is pressuring her to marry Do-han. But Yoon Chae-Won is not very interested in Do-han, instead she has a crush on his brother Ji-han.

She says he has good looks and style and he is very intelligent so she would marry if it were him. Chae Won also helped Ji-han for the favour he asked to give a leading role for A-Jeong in their television drama. She has a soft spot for Ji-han and tries her maximum to help him for his favours. Chae Won’s character is very modern and stylish in this drama.

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That’s all about the character of Yoon Chae-Won. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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