Wedding Impossible Review: Amazon presents a twelve-episodic Korean romantic comedy-drama. This drama is based on a web novel “Wedding Impossible” by Song Jung-Won. From the director of the popular Korean drama “Doom At Your Service” Kwon Young II with the TVN channel production, this drama is a complete rom-com entertainment series. LJ Group is one of the leading conglomerate companies in South Korea.

Its chairman is going to retire and he is planning to make his grandson Do-han as the next successor for his company. But with the condition that he needs to marry Chae Won of Taeyang group. But Do-han has a boyfriend so he is trying to use his ways to avoid that marriage and asks his best friend A-jeong who is a junior artist in dramas to act as his wife for 3 years for money. A-jeong accepts the offer but Ji-han who is the brother of Do-han opposes it and try his ways to stop it from happening is the overall plot of the drama.

Drama has a default template plot that comes in many dramas. To avoid family pressure of getting married, rich guys go for a contract marriage with a poor girl in exchange for money or other benefits is a very repetitive plot used in Chinese dramas usually. South Korean dramas also started to adopt the same plot over the years. Many dramas have been released with the same plot continuously.

This drama is also an addition to it. But a small difference between those and this drama is that those dramas had the main hero having a contract marriage with heroine, but in this drama, it’s the brother of the main lead who is going for a contract marriage. This plot twist does not come much in any drama that has this kind of story. But even though the plot is usual or predictable the making and production quality is very good.

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The chemistry between main leads Ji-han and A-jeong are very interesting and appreciatable. Moon Sang-Min who acted in the role of Ji-han and Jun Jong-Seo who acted in the role of A-jeong did their very best performance in this drama. Their duo moments are very interesting and fun. They look very beautiful as couples in the series, their combo scenes are the main interesting factor in this drama.

The series has only twelve episodes which is a good factor for the finishing. Because with this normal plot, the episodes of the series get dull as they don’t get enough content to further go with the episodes. But with 12 episodes they can start a story develop the relationship and end it well. These days twelve twelve-episode dramas are becoming common compared to old dramas which release at 16 or 20 episodes.

The viewers won’t get bored with the over episodes or stretching lengths. Even though a number of episodes are less, the runtime is above 1 hour for each episode.

The main positive about the series is the cast. From the two main leads to A-jeong parents, each and everyone did their best acting in this drama. Their energy is visible in the series. Do-han character also has equal importance to Ji-han in the series. Apart from casts, the cinematography department did very good job. Each shot was very well captured.

The richness in colors that most Korean dramas show in their shots are also continued in this drama. The costume department also did very good job as the actors need to show their rich life with their dressings and it’s unique styles.

The music department also did a fine job by uprising the emotional scenes with their background scores. There are not many scenes that need VFX so it solely depends on the cinematography and locations. The writer did a good job handling this plot to make it more interesting. Since the plot is from a web novel, the writer doesn’t need much of his thoughts for the drama.

There are not much of dull moments in the drama. The comedy portions and romance of the main leads make the dull moments engaging for a good watch. Without them and their chemistry, the series may have been a dull experience.

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Overall the drama is a good watch for Korean drama lovers. If you don’t expect much from the story of the drama it’s a good watch. Runtime is higher but the drama is engaging to watch. If you like this kind of plot and romance comedy, this drama will be a nice watch. If you expect some big twists or a unique story this may not satisfy you. For me, it was a time passing good watch.

Rating: 3/5



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