The Impossible Heir Episodes 11 & 12: Disney Plus presents ‘The Impossible heir’ a youth career thriller drama. The plot revolves around an illegitimate son who joins with his bestie and girlfriend to fight against his filthy rich family members and also wants to become the next successor of his father’s empire. Unexpected wars between close friends and family members will happen for the sake of money and power, which later ends up with many deaths.

‘The Impossible Heir’ is a family business thriller drama. This South Korean show contains twelve episodes in total, out of twelve, the ninth and tenth episodes were released this week through Disney Plus. The first two episodes of The Impossible Heir premiered on February 28th. The drama has a solid screenplay and well-known casts with brilliant performances.

The show is so far thrilling and engaging to the core. The expectations for the finale episodes is already in peak mode.

The latest episodes showcased the escape of Han Taeo from the prison. Chairman Kang Joong Mo bribed some security guards from the prison for the safe escape of Han Taeo. At the same time, Kang Inha bribed one of the security guards to kill Han Taeo at the prison, but when the guard went looking for Han Taeo at the cell, he realised that someone helped Han Taeo to escape from the prison. Kang Inha found out the hacker who frequently helped Han Taeo, Kang Inha made a deal with his Italian friend to take control of the hacker to locate Han Taeo.

Meanwhile, Na Hye Won got worried about the health of Han Taeo, she tried to locate Han Taeo before Kang Inha killed him. She asked for help from her filthy mother, and after offering double the money, her mother agreed to find Han Taeo. But she informed Kang Inha that Na Hye Won told her to find out the location of Han Taeo. Later one night, her mother Na Hye went to a random place to show the location of Han Taeo, and from that place Mo Gijun kidnapped her to a mental asylum.

In the Previous episode, Chairman Kang Joong Mo protected Han Taeo from the attack of Kang Inha and Mo Gijun. His personal doctor treated Han Taeo at the Chairman’s office. Han Taeo and Chairman Kang Joong Mo came up with a new plan to destroy Kang Inha forever. Kang Inha made a deal with Kangoh Mills chairman, Park Sajin. Later, after the instructions received from Han Taeo, Chairman Kang Joong Mo made a deal with Park Sajin and gave him Kangoh Energy Company.

Kang Inha got frustrated because of the deal by Chairman Kang Joong Mo with Park Sajin, he went to meet his father at his office. Chairman Kang Joong Mo threatened Kang Inha to go away from the family because of the murder of Kang Inju. An unexpected mild attack occurred for Chairman Kang Joong Mo, he fell into his bathtub and collapsed. Later, Kang Inha’s sister took him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Han Taeo meets with a prosecutor and finds the secret video clips from the day of Kang Inju’s death. Han Taeo was released from prison and the Prosecutor arrested Mo Gijun for the murder of Kang Inju and his girlfriend.

The eleventh episode and twelfth episodes will show us the fight between Han Taeo and Kang Inha at the hospital. Kang Inha went to kill Chairman Kang Joong Mo at the hospital, but Han Taeo interfered with him unexpectedly. The next episode will also focus on the Gold H company deals orchestrated by Han Taeo. He made that company years ago to make Kang Inha as the next chairman of the Kangoh group. But, Han Taeo will use those company shares to bring Na Hye won on to the top of the company and it makes her the new chairman of the company.

The biggest downfall of Kang Inha after the betrayal against Han Taeo will happen in the next episode, same time the rise of Han Taeo and Na Hye won will also commence in the next episodes. Chairman Kang Joong Mo is still in the coma stage at the ICU ward, looks like he will wake up sooner to eliminate the dirt inside the Kangoh family.

The Impossible Heir episodes 11 and 12 were planned to be released next week through Disney Plus around the World. Both episodes will be released on March April 3rd, Wednesday. The next two episodes are the last and final episodes of the south Korean drama. On April 3rd, we can witness the finale of this thriller show. The latest ten episodes from this south Korean drama are currently streaming through Disney Plus with English subtitles.



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