Kang Inha In ‘Impossible Heir’: Disney Plus presents a revenge drama with twelve episodes. The plot revolves around an illegitimate son of the Kangoh family trying to achieve his goal as the next successor of the company, his childhood friend also comes in to support him and moves forward with a great ambition of becoming a part of the greatest wealthy group, an unexpected entry of a girl in their life will change their relationship into a new dimension. The show is a package of love, relationship and friendship.

The Impossible Heir show is nothing without the very most important character Kang Inha. He is an illegitimate son of the Kangoh group’s Chairman. Kang Inha’s character is portrayed by young South Korean actor Lee Jun Young. He did an excellent performance in this role. His notable works are weak hero class and may i help you.He was abandoned by his family for a long time.

All his life, he got no respect or love from his family members. Even if he has a luxurious house and cars, he didn’t have proper recognition among his family. During his school days, he was very much arrogant with attitude. He stole things from convenience stores without paying money, he used to bully kids at school. When Han Taeo transferred to his class, he tried to bully him too, but later Kang Inha found out his family situation and settled as his close friend.

Kang Inha had only one dream in his entire life, he wanted to take over the Kangoh group and revenge his family members who hated him. Han Taeo put up a proposal with Kang Inha to become partners and close friends who help each other reach their goals. From that day, Kang Inha took care of Taeo and Taeo took care of Inha’s academic year.

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During his academic year, he was very much clingy and funny along with Han Taeo. Kang Inha’s only supporter in his family is his little sister. Kang Inha is the third son of the Kangoh group of chairman, whenever he goes to their house, everyone curses him with bad words.

Kang Inha is a good friend to Han Taeo. He had a crush on his classmate after few meetings with her. Han Taeo also had a secret crush on her, but only Kang Inha went forward with his love. He proposed her on a small get-together which happened at his house. Even though she was rejected at first, later he expressed his wish to become her boyfriend.

After a bad incident happened to his crush, he suddenly went to console her. He became a more innocent and calm person after mingling with her. Kang Inha is a determined man with a serious goal in his life. He still thinks that he has a chance to become the next successor of the Kangoh group.

That’s all about the character of Kang Inha. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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