Han Taeo In ‘Impossible Heir’: Disney Plus presents another south Korean drama. The drama has a package of twelve episodes. The show has an incredible popularity among drama lovers. This revenge drama is based on relevant things in the society of wealthy people.

The plot revolves around two young childhood friends, whose lifelong wish is to take revenge on the dirty rich family members and to take what he deserve. One man set his goal to become the next successor of his family and another man helped him to achieve this milestone.

Han Taeo is an important lead character in the drama ‘The Impossible heir‘. He is a young energetic man with a poor background. He is a very patient and intelligent young man. His father is a murderer and still serving in prison for domestic violence. Han Taeo’s mother is in a temple, hidden from his father’s subordinates. He is a hard-working man from his childhood days.

Han Taeo’s character is portrayed by popular next-generation actor Lee Jae Wook. His dramas were pretty much popular around the globe. One of the most popular dramas is Alchemy of souls and Extraordinary You. Han Taeo hardly shows any emotions in his face, he takes everything to his deep heart and struggles alone.

Han Taeo in his childhood days, competed with Kang Inha. They used to be enemies at first, later Han Taeo found that Kang Inha is also suffering from his family. Later he got close with Inha. Han Taeo raised a deal with Kang Inha to support each other to achieve bigger goals.

Han Taeo is very much intelligent and he Is the top student in his place. With his educational knowledge, he helped Kang Inha to get into a top university in Korea. Han Taeo every time did multiple part-time jobs to survive in this society.

Han Taeo is never attached to anyone emotionally. Due to his messed up family background, he lost trust in people. He met a young girl in his neighbourhood, she’s also poor and tortured by her parents. Han Taeo slowly developed an affection for her, and later it turned to feelings. He is always an introvert and never talked to girls that much. Even though he had a crush on her, he never expressed anything in front of her. He used to be silent whenever she is with him.

Han Taeo slowly tried to express his feelings to her, but she already got connected with Kang Inha. This relationship conflict made him depressed. He was always concerned about his career only, his only aim is to survive and reach to a high position at Kangoh company. That’s all about the character of Han Taeo. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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