Na Hye Won In ‘Impossible Heir’: Disney Plus presents a youth career drama. After releasing the blockbuster shows like flex x cop, moving and reborn rich, Disney is again back with another Korean drama. The show revolves around a wealthy family of Korea. An illegitimate son of the chairman wants to achieve his biggest goal of being the next successor of the company, his childhood friend also joins with him to achieve his dream.

The story is about friendship and struggles among the youngsters in the society of wealthy people. The show is loaded with thrilling elements and friendship bonding.

Na Hye Won is an important character and she has a significant amount of screen space in ‘The Impossible Heir’ drama. She is the middle person between Kang Inha and Han Taeo. She is a strong person for her age. She went through so many hurdles and struggles in her life. Her mother is a problem maker, she always gets abused by her mother for not giving money. Her mother stole money from thugs and Na Hye is the one who gets caught between them.

Na Hye won character is portrayed by new-generation actress Hong Su Zu. She is an emerging young actress in South Korea with a couple of popular dramas. She had guest appearances in the Netflix show Sweet Home Season 2 and love struck in the city. This is the first main role in her career. Na Hye Won’s character changed the perspective of this drama into a new dimension.

Na Hye Won is a calm girl outside, she won’t talk much with strangers. She didn’t have any friends in her life. She slowly started showing interest in her neighbour Han Taeo. She tried to talk with him a couple of times, but he is also an introvert who talks less with strangers. She questioned him for avoiding her every time he saw her. She wants to spend time with him.

Na Hye Won did part-time work for a living, she was also studying in a top university in Korea. She is always busy with her work and studies, she never has time to spend on relationships. She stayed single for years. She joined with Kang Inha and Han Taeo for a long-term friendship.

Na Hye won got proposal from Kang Inha. He was rich and trying to become next successor of the biggest empire. She got caught in a mess of thugs which was caused by her mother. Han Taeo helped her from the attack of thugs, but later Kang Inha also came in to comfort her. Kang Inha proposed her many times in person, but Na Hye won didn’t want to commit to him.

She said an excuse that she is always busy with her work and college life. But later after the incident with the thugs, she opposed Kang Inha when he tried to kiss her. She also stayed okay when he kissed her. She has inner feelings for Han Taeo, but she doesn’t express them openly. When she packed everything to move into Kang Inha’s house, Han Taeo stopped her from moving, she slowly expressed her feelings to him. Na Hye won wants to achieve a lot in her life, she wants to get away from the miserable life she has right now.

That’s all about the character of Na Hye won. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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