“Shogun” Episode 7: FX originally presented a ten-episodic American historical action war drama series ” Shogun” and is currently streaming now in Hulu & Disney+ Hotstar. In this article, we are going to discuss about the recap of the seventh episode. But before we start began let’s know about the story of this series. The series is an adaptation of a best-selling novel ” Shogun” written by James Clavell in 1975.

The series shows Japan in the era of 1600 when the Civil War emerged. Lord Toranaga trying to fight against the Council of Regents who want to defeat him. Ochiba is ready to do anything to kill Toranaga. Meanwhile alerted Crimson Sky. Let’s see what’s gonna happen next.

We see a war glimpse. It was the Toranaga’s first battle 46 years ago. Where he won the battle & appreciated by his soldiers. The opponent surrendered himself against Toranga which describes how brave he was. The man punished himself by Knife & Toranga cut off his head.

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Let’s back to the present we see Toranaga and his whole army in the forest. Yes, Mariko , Blackthorne & Buntaro also there. In between the fog, they are waiting for the Saeki Nobutatsu, the half-brother of Toranaga. Yabushige is curious how long Toranga didn’t talk with his brother Nobutatsu. If they didn’t talk their war with Ishido gonna be ended up for nothing. Buntaro asks Mariko to make Blackthorne remain silent but Mariko replies, that Blackthorne knows when he has to talk.

Nobutatsu reached there with hi arny. He said near the valley he spied a decimated army. Toranaga said it’s true as his garrison endured much loss from The recent earthquake. The serious conversation started into fun. As both brothers greeted themselves. Nobutatsu is happy to see a barbarian means Blackthorne.

Tauranga asks Blackthorne to come near to them. Mariko alearted Blackthorne to bow Nobutatsu. Blackthorne bowed him and said, “It’s an honour to meet my Liege lord’s Kin”. Nobutatsu is happy with him & Toranga says he is now a Hatamoto & taking care of the cannons. Later he agreed to join with a drink with Toranga. Meanwhile, Nobutatsu said he is gonna support Kanto’s army. Later Toranaga talked with Mariko about Kiku’s service & that moment Blackthorne reached there.

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Toranga is impressed by Blackthorne’s behaviour and orders him to carry a sword instead of a Gun. Blackthorne asks Toranga about his role during ” Crimson Sky”. But, Toranga hasn’t made any decision yet about Blackthorne’s role in “Crimson Sky”.

Blackthorne wants to serve him after getting this much present from Toranga infact he wants to know what ” Crimson Sky” is. Toranaga said he didn’t bring him because of ” Crimson Sky.” Mariko refuses him to forget about this but Blackthorne wants to be in Toranga’s side. Hearing this Toranaga felt proud of him.

Later we see Omi went to the Tea House because he wants to met with Kiku. But the in-charge leady didn’t permit him to go in. Because Kiku is now ready to serve Nobutatsu. Hiromatsu mwty with Fuji & impressed by seeing the house of Blackthorne’s. He bring the ashes of her child.

Nobutatsu and his men are enjoying themselves there. They loved the hospitality shown by these people. All lords enjoying dinner with chit-chat at night. Mariko & Blackthorne were also there, she helped him to translate their words. Buntaro is unable to see Blackthorne with Mariko. Later, Nobutatsu talked about Toranga’s past days. How a young conquers his first victory. That, Toranga was a boy Warlord. He said Toranga that time just twelve years old.

Nobutatsu was pleased by the company of Kiku, while Omi is unable to hear this. Toranga said they will talk about their alliance tomorrow but Nobutatsu wants to hear now as he can’t stay in suspense. Later he started mentioning one more story about Toranga. When Toranaga was sent away as a hostage to ensure their alliance with the Imatani Clan. That time Toranga didn’t fear at all.

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But things are becoming aggressive. He asked his nephew Nagakodo by putting two options stories, legends or Truth. Nobutatsu’s voice became more wild when he replied that he receive another offer already rather than becoming a lord of Izu. Meanwhile, we see Saeki’s army reach into the village and block all the roads leading out of Izu.

As we understood Nobutatsu became the new reagent. So, Ishido chose Nobutatsu as the replacement of Toranaga in the council. He also said Nagakado’s Action in killing Jozels ordered him to commit Seppuku. Toranga said that he is honoured to consider the council’s request & will submit his response by tomorrow sunset whether he will be surrendered against the Council or not. So, at this time he & his vassals will remain in Ajiro untill his decision.

Nobutatsu chooses to accept Ishido’s offer to become a member of the Council rather than Lord of Izu. So Nobutatsu’s armies are surrounded by the whole village. Blackthorne asks Mariko what will happen to Toranaga if he surrenders. Mariko they they will be Marched to Osaka & forced to grovel At Ishido’s feet, Toranaga will be sentenced to death & half of his men will commit Seppuku out of allegiance to him.
Blackthorne said his Erasmus is still more in that cove & if he got the clearance he needed to go abroad then tonight he could go below, test the bilges & easily dive over the side. Blackthorne wants to do anything instead of standing & waiting.

We see Toranga in the forest thinking about the possibilities. He is in contemplation. Saeki’s armies are rounding over the whole town. His silence speaks more than his words. later he met with Lady Gin. She asked him about the meaning of living in the Willow World. She replied it means to servicemen. Gin asked him to take Willow World under his protection in Edo City. Gin also said Toranaga’s time is coming to be end.

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On the other side, we see Nobutatsu talking with Yabushige. He told him about sending his general Igarashi to negotiate a secret peace with the council & Lord Ishido wanted his general returned with his response of a cut head. Later we see Ishido’s Crest is approached in the village. Blackthorne reaches there & meets with Yabushige, who helped him to learn to use a sword. Buntaro was there watching them closely & reached there to kill Blackthorne but was unable to go further.

Omi again started putting negative words in Nagakado’s mind by saying to him it was all happening after Blackthorne came here. Right then Nobutatsu reach there who is also provoking Nagakodo by telling him that his death is also near.

Later we saw Mariko was talking with Toranga & suddenly Buntaro reached there. He wants to take Blackthorne’s head before he dies. As Toranaga asks him why, Buntaro replies ” he’s only aligned with you out of his own interests”. He also doesn’t line the way Blackthorne looks at Mariko. He was accused of Soliciting affection against Blackthorne.

Tauranga said if it was true then he had to take his wife’s head too. Mariko totally agrees with what her husband wants. As Buntaro can’t take Mariko’s life he left from there. Mariko wants to sacrifice her life for this serious accusation. But lord Toranaga spared her life.

After in the evening, All Lords reached along with Blackthorne & Mariko. Right then Nobutatsu approached there with huge armies. He wants the answer from Toranaga. First Toranaga bowed before him & agreed to travel to Osaka where he would submit to the will of the Council before Lord Ishido. He also said ” Crimson Sky” was a mistake.

Right that moment Blackthorne stand-up bowed Nagakodo, Yabushige & Lord Toranaga. He accused everyone & left from there. After that, Nobutatsu said that Toranaga’s word would be sent to the council & tomorrow He must leave for Osaka.

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At night, while Nobutatsu was busily intimating with Kiku. A secret attack associated in the Tea House. We see Nagakodo reached there & Omi too. But the ending was hugely unexpected. As Nagakodo wants to kill Nobutatsu, he slips & falls on the stone & dies instantly. Nobutatsu survived & Nagakodo died for what?

Young Nagakodo’s unexpected death could make this series a huge turn. We must see Toranaga’s reaction after his son’s death & will he really go to Osaka? Let’s have to wait one more week to see what’s going to happen in the next episode.

As of now seven episodes of ” Shogun” is currently streaming now in Disney plus Hotstar in the English language along with subtitles.



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