What is San-Ti In “3 Body Problem”?: Netflix presents “3 Body Problem” an eight-episode science fiction thriller series adapted from the famous best-selling novel “The Three-Body Problem” by Liu Cixin. This series is created by the co-creators of “Game Of Thrones” David Benioff and D.B. Weiss with Alexander Woo. This series is one of the highest-budget series on Netflix.

The main story of this series is that Ye Wenjie, whose father was a scientist in China who was executed in public for his research gets an option to either work for their secret mission or else she needs to be executed. Ye Wenjie accepts the job and starts working in their secret base at the hilltop.

Ye Wenjie gets a message signal that some people on different worlds are coming to earth as their place is unable to live now. Ye Wenjie replies to them, that they can come to earth and she will support her. Things change when scientists start getting killed in many places and it starts a war between the alien world and Earth.

The aliens who are coming to Earth after 400 years is called in the name as “San-Ti”. They started their journey for some time but it will 400 years to reach the earth. They couldn’t live in their own world as it’s chaos out there and not livable. They have been looking out for the world that is suitable for them to live. Finally, they found Earth and got an invitation from the people from here.

San-Ti lives in a three-body system world, their technology is very advanced and we can’t even imagine how advanced it is. It is far ahead of our current technologies. They can live in extreme conditions with their technologies and also can live in other environments easily. San-Ti’s planet is very different from earth. As we know they have a body system their planet orbits around three suns.

It is very hard for them to live in ‘Chaotic Eras’ which has harsh climates and weather for them. At that time the gravitational pull from different suns makes their living very hard.

San-Ti is different in characteristics from humans on Earth. San-Ti doesn’t lie and they don’t trust liars. San-Ti got many followers on Earth to support them and welcome them to Earth. San-Ti followers call them as Lord. San-Ti and Mike Evans speak through a radio which is way more advanced. In a conversation with San-Ti and Mike Evans when Mike talked about lies and told them he and humans tell lies it changed the mentality of San-Ti towards Mike and the humans.

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San-Ti told Wade Jin Cheng and other humans that humans are bugs they speak lies, and they cannot be trusted. So San-Ti declared war on humans in earth as it showed them as a threat for their arrival. This made a big impact on the government and people living in Earth. An alien invasion cannot be allowed and it is a threat to humans. The government started their programs and missions to oppose this arrival at any cost it takes even if it’s after 400 years.

That’s all about San-Ti and their threats to Earth. If you have any doubts regarding this topic or “3 Body Problem” ask in the comments.



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