How Advanced Is The VR Headset in ‘3 Body Problem’?: Netflix presents an eight-episodic novel-based fantasy thriller show called ‘3 Body Problem’. This series is adapted from the best-selling novel “The Three-Body Problem” by Liu Cixin. This series is created by the co-creators of “Game Of Thrones” David Benioff and D.B. Weiss with Alexander Woo.

The show deals with many science fiction and fantasy elements. The plot revolves around a group of highly talented scientists preparing to defend against the alien invasion, which is going to happen in 400 years. The world government authorities and scientists jointly organise a team to protect the earth from the aliens named San-Ti.

After Vera Ye’s death, Jin Cheng went to meet Vera Ye’s mother Ye Wenjie. Jin Cheng asked the reasons for Vera Ye’s suicide. But Ye Wenjie said she doesn’t know anything about the reason for Vera Ye’s death but she said Vera Ye was using a VR headset for gaming before her death. Apparently, it was a lie intentionally using Jin Cheng to play the game. After Jin Cheng played the game, she told Jack Rooney. Jack Rooney tried to play it but the soldier lady character in the game cut off him the moment he used it. Later Jack Rooney got a box from them which has a VR headset and an invitation to play it. Later he also got addicted to the game. But when he tried to stop playing it San-Ti killed him.

This VR headset is way more advanced than the ones we have on Earth. San-Ti has way more advanced technology far ahead of Earth. They made this VR headset and got it delivered to the people who have good capabilities that can be used for San-Ti’s uses. It was used for recruiting people to find a way to solve the mystery of their world so they could survive there. VR has many features that are nearly impossible for people from Earth.

The VR can recognise the user if they put it on their head. If the user is not have an invitation to the game they will remove them. The main example was Jack Rooney. Jack Rooney was killed inside the game when he used Jin Cheng’s VR. But later he got an invitation and after that, he was able to play it.

The game played using this VR headset gives real-life visuals and experience. The people and place everything looks real in it. The users can feel the touch and body, also they can taste and smell too. How they implemented all this on that VR is still a mystery but yet it’s far more advanced than we imagine. The whole purpose of the game is to find a solution for the mystery that is a threat to the kind there in the system world.

When the chaotic periods come they do dehydration and do rehydration when it becomes stable. They can predict future outcomes too. That’s all about VR headsets. If you have any doubts regarding this topic or “3 Body Problem” ask in the comments.



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