Who Were Wallfacer: Netflix presents a high-scale science fiction show called ‘3 Body Problem‘. This fantasy thriller show is a live-action adaptation of the book of the same name written by Liu Cixin. This show is created by the masterminds of world’s biggest show ‘Game of Thrones’. The plot revolves around a war between humanity and alien civilization.

A bunch of highly intelligent scientists around the world try their best to protect the Earth from the attack of an alien organisation called San-Ti. 400 years in the future, the aliens will invade the Earth and make it their home ground by eliminating humanity. Multiple organisations is formed to survive such future attacks from the Aliens.

‘3 Body Problem’ show introduced an association called Wallfacers. The Wallfacers is a special intelligence group assembled to protect humanity from the alien invasion on Earth. The Wallfacers were granted top-level authority and security clearance at any country so they could operate without any explanations or formalities. Every government official should do their duty to serve and gather every data, whenever a wallfacer asks them.

Every discussion they make, every data they collect and whatever they do officially, become part of the secret project and which should be taken as highly confidential. The biggest hurdle for them is to make everything secret from San-Ti and the Sophons. They have been watching everything closely for a long time and the actions of Wallfacers must be kept in secret.

The United Nations selected three candidates to lead the organisation from different countries. One of them is General Hou Bolin. He is a reputed military strategist. He is also an expert in winning battles and negotiating peace with enemies, which makes him an important asset to the organisation. The second one is Professor Leyla Aric.

She played a vital part in fighting against the terrorists around the world. She has an excellent track record and experience in protecting humanity. The third is the most unexpected and interesting wallfacer. Saul Durand, an extremely talented physicist from Oxford University was also appointed as a wallfacer at the United Nations summit. Before going to the summit, Saul Durand met with an accident while talking with her girlfriend. The San-Ti planned that attack of course, but somehow Saul Durand escaped from it and it diverted into his girlfriend.

The world doesn’t know why they chose Saul Durand as the third Wallfacer. Even Saul Durand thinks the same, he rejected the offer many times, but yet again ended up with an attack from San-Ti. The authorities gave him bulletproof west to survive unprecedented attacks, like their prediction, Saul Durand got shot by the enemies, but luckily he survived.

Saul Durand is a brilliant physicist, but he lacks the courage to fight for humanity without any fear. Wallfacer is an organisation for protecting the earth from alien invasion, this event is going to happen in four hundred years in the future, but implementing an organisation for the future is quite compelling.

One of the main reasons for selecting Saul Durand as the third wallfacer is because of his conversation with the San-Tu follower, Ye Wenjie. Before she left for her country, she secretly met with Saul Durand and expressed a random joke with him. He couldn’t even crack the joke and she left in the middle of the conversation. The San-Ti thought she shared something about them with Saul Durand. This is the main reason for the targeted attack on Saul Durand.

Maybe this is why the United Nations selected him as the third wallfacer. Because of the enemy’s threat against Saul Durand, the authorities thought he is an important asset for the mission, eventually, he is going to accept their offer to become part of the bigger mission to save humanity.

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