Why did Kang Inha betrayed Han Taeo?: Disney Plus presents ‘The Impossible Heir’ a career thriller show. The South Korean drama story revolves around the wealthy Kangoh family. On the verge of finding the next chairman for the family company, when all the heirs are greedy people, an illegitimate son from the family steps forward to use the opportunity to become the next successor with the help of his childhood friend. The later part of the story deals with conflicts happening during their journey to their success.

The Impossible Heir is a youth career drama created by Min Yeon-Hong and written by Choi Won. This south Korean drama deals with the conflict between usual conflicts between rich family members. The show travels around two main leads, one is an illegitimate son of a wealthy Kangoh family named Kang Inha and the other one is Han Taeo, a middle-class man with a criminal father background. Kang Inha and Han Taeo were close friends from their childhood days.

Han Taeo helped Kang Inha for a seat in a popular academy, and from that moment, they made a mutual deal between them. Even though Kang Inha is from a rich family, Han Taeo doesn’t take advantage of his wealth and power.

They both aimed to achieve a greater position at Kangoh company, but eventually, they faced some external conflict. A poor background neighbour, Na Hye showed some interest on both of them. Later, Kang Inha proposed to her and made on his side.

Han Taeo hid his true feelings towards Na Hye won, but Kang Inha was always open with his thoughts. Unfortunately, Han Taeo failed to express his feelings earlier, she finally got engaged to Kang Inha. The real conflict between them started from there.

In all those situations, Han Taeo was never distracted from his true purpose to make his friend as the new chairman of the company. But, Kang Inha had some negative shade inside him, he wanted everything better from Han Taeo so he wanted to steal Na Hye from Han Taeo.

Han Taeo made his best moves to uplift Kang Inha into a better position in the company, but after reaching a particular position, Kang Inha started showing his real face. Kang Inha went through many dirty ways to move forward to the upper position but eventually got failed in front of his father. He went with the opposite side of Han Tao. He killed his own brother and framed Han Taeo for the murder. Han Taeo somehow proved his innocence and came out of the prison and trapped Kang Inha inside the prison.

Kang Inha attacked his wife Na Hye won multiple times, whenever she helped Han Taeo. He even put her on a mental asylum due to the severe hate on Han Taeo. At some point, Kang Inha showed extreme level range against his family members and Han Taeo.

He was the main reason for the death of Kang Inju and Han Taeo’s mother. At the end of the first season finale, Kang Inha was arrested for the murder of Kang Inju. At the same time, Han Taeo was promoted as the chairman of the company. Kang Inha aimed for the chairman position in his whole life, it all vanished due to his arrogance and filthy mindset.

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