‘Iron Reign’ Episode 6 Recap and Explained: Netflix presents an eight-episodic Spanish thriller show. This crime thriller drama revolves around the drug mafia business. The story is based on the Barcelona Port, where most of the cocaine shipments were landed and distributed illegally. The port director and his associates try their best to secure a new shipment from the eyes of the police.

Episode 6 opens with a flashback from Ariel’s memory. When he was a kid, he had a disability to walk. His parents took him to a clinic to cure him, and the doctor from the clinic did some routine checkups. The doctor said that the young Ariel can’t walk forever and the disability will be out there with him his entire life.

His father gets upset and angry at the doctor and bets him that they will make the child walk and bring him back to the clinic to show the doctor is wrong. In the present, Ariel went to a mysterious man and made him predict his future. The man explained that he should sacrifice something that god wants. The man took a knife, slit the palm of his hand and stored the blood.

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Victor seems worried about the undercover agent, he keeps searching for her whereabouts. Victor asked one of the port staff and he pointed the direction to the nearest restaurant. The restaurant staff confirmed that she visited there a couple of times, the last time when she visited, she didn’t pay the bill, also she escaped through the wrong exit.

Nestor didn’t hear anything about the fight between Ricardo and Roman. Nestor is worried that Roman took the cocaine, so he calls his wife to join with him to search Roman’s belongings. They took a hammer and broke the locker of Roman. While looking at his belongings, they found two flights in his and his girlfriend’s name. The suspicion got higher after finding the flight tickets, Nestor thought he stole the drugs for leaving the place with his girlfriend.

Victor, on the other side, kept searching for the undercover agent, she had been kidnapped by the law enforcement officer and his gang. They beat her to death and put her alive for more information on an abandoned building. During the night, Borra, the accounts manager of a drug cartel, gets a call from his bank manager that his account is completely frozen.

He was shocked and panicked about the situation and went to the attorney the next day. The cops already have every detail of his transactions on their table, Borra starts to get tensed after hearing their questions. He recently added 40 million euros into his account illegally, the government already had an eye on him for a long time. The money he deposited comes from the drug cartel leader Carfora, he would kill Borra’s family if he didn’t get the money.

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The drug cartel kidnapped Borra into an abandoned building, which is the underworld office of Carfora. He kept asking Borra about the money because he already knew that Borra’s account had been blocked by the police department. Borra begs him to give him some time to unlock the account, but he tells him another idea to move the money. The idea he explained was too much risky and unpredictable, in the end of the conversation, Carfora cuts one of the fingers of Borra.

Nestor found out that there was a mole inside the port, after knowing the real identity of an undercover agent, Nestor ordered the officer to find out more about her personal life. The officer left the port to gather more information about the undercover agent. Victor is already searching the house of the lady agent, he saw dozens of photographs and details about his identity in her files. After seeing the port officer coming to her room, he took the files and hid them under her bed.

At the end of the sixth episode, Victor finds out that Miki has kidnapped the undercover agent Nuria. He hides in Miki’s car trunk and travels along with him to the place where Nuria is being trapped. Miki takes a weapon and injects it through Nuria’s legs to get more information from her. She pledged to her duty and country, so she never told any secrets to the enemies no matter how much they tortured her.

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Meanwhile, Nestor’s wife went to meet Roman’s girlfriend at the hospital. His girlfriend tells her that, she didn’t want to hear anything from her. After the meet, Nestor’s wife comes back home, unexpectedly she gets a call from the policeman, who tells her that her brother’s and uncle’s dead bodies were found at the port.

Overall the sixth looks very dull. The character arcs are all messed up. There’s nothing much intriguing from the plot. The story goes pretty much predictable and simple. The ending also went normal. Let’s see how the next episode goes.



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