‘Iron Reign’ Episode 2 Recap and Explained: Netflix presents just another Spanish crime thriller show called ‘Iron Reign’. The plot revolves around a shipping port. Joaquin Manchado, the head of Barcelona port, joined with a group of cocaine merchants to deliver tons of cocaine through the port all over Spain.

Things get out of hand when the government anonymously spies on his illegal activities.

Episode 2 opens with a flashback portion of Joaquin Manchado. The young Joaquin Manchado came to the Barcelona port decades ago with his family. Young Joaquin Manchado looked at the sea and promised the god that he would take control of the port one day. Later, Joaquin Manchado and Roman enter a pub, few drunken men shout in front of them and create a nuisance.

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They asked the bartender if there was someone they could rely on for a job. She points to a man who’s playing with his subordinates at the pub. Joaquin Manchado and Roman ask the man for a job at the port, he denies their request and tells them that he already has enough workers at the port. Joaquin Manchado kept explaining the highlights of hiring them as workers. And finally, the man hires them for the job at the port.

At present, Joaquin Manchado is being accompanied by the detective to the port. The detectives found a dead body at the shore, they took Joaquin Machado to the spot to identify the body. Joaquin Manchado already got a hint of the deceased person, because he is the one who killed the person for stealing the drugs. He reached the shore and prayed for the victim in front of the cops.

The staff from the port already sensed that Joaquin Manchado must have killed him. The next scene shows a lady in a sparkling red colour outfit, she’s with a man in her room, and suddenly Joaquin Manchado’s brother calls her to see. She rejects at first, but later she accepts to meet him at night after her boyfriend leaves the house.

The next day, Ricardo, the son of Joaquin Manchado went to a bar. Many people are seen drinking at the bar, suddenly three men enter the bar. They rushed towards Ricardo, but he ran through the steps. He was followed by the stranger, they kept asking him for the money he borrowed from them. Meanwhile, at the ocean, the ship is nearing Barcelona port.

The security crews cleaned up the blood of deceased people after the massive shootout. They already killed all the pirates who tried to hijack the ship. By the night, they reached the port. Victor, the spy who’s working for cops is controlling the crane work. He took the cocaine container to unload on the truck. Suddenly, Joaquin Manchado got information about a police patrolling car coming towards the container.

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Joaquin Manchado orders his crew members to pause the mission untill the cops go away. Joaquin Manchado’s brother calls Victor to stop unloading the container. The cops arrived near the consignment and ordered them to show the shipment details. Even after showing the details, the cops were hesitant to leave the location untill they saw what was inside the container. The port crew gathered quickly and tried to convince the cops that everything was perfectly going.

The cops were adamant about opening the container, Victor paused the craine and said that the craine is jammed. Later, customs chief officer Nestor arrived at the spot and confirmed that they checked the consignment. The cops couldn’t continue the search further after the influence of other officers, slowly they left the port. Victor pulls down the container onto the truck.

Later, everyone seemed relieved, the truck safely moved to another place. Joaquin Manchado personally witnessed and tested the quality of the cocaine consignment from the ship.

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Joaquin Manchado warned the higher officials to stop repeating the unexpected searches. Joaquin Manchado’s son asks him for some money to escape from the debt, but Joaquin Manchado denies his request. On the same night, Joaquin Manchado’s brother Roman met a lady and had an intimate moment with her. At the end of the second episode, Nestor meets a businessman at a boxing club and explains his views about the recent activities of Joaquin Manchado.

In the boxing panel, his friend wins a fighting match. Later that night, Joaquin Manchado was coming out of his house, when he got a sudden message. He seemed shocked, and immediately he left the place and reached the port. Joaquin Manchado looked for someone at the port, he seemed not sure of who’s he expecting at that time.

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Suddenly he saw someone running through the darkness behind the containers. A craine starts operating suddenly, Joaquin Manchado feels tensed and starts running. Shockingly, the craine with a container collided with another and it fell above Joaquin Manchado, he died on the spot quickly.

Overall the second episode is pretty intense. The ending of the episode was totally unexpected. The characters are very much underdeveloped. The leading character had an unexpected death in the end, which makes the story low from the next episodes.



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