‘Iron Reign’ Episode 5 Recap and Explained: Netflix presents a crime thriller show called ‘Iron Reign’. The plot revolves around a network of drug distribution shipments executed by Joaquin Manchado, the head of Barcelona port.

He took control of the port along with the staff to help a group of cocaine merchants deliver tons of cocaine through the Barcelona port. Things went wrong for everyone associated with the port when an important cocaine shipment got lost unexpectedly.

Episode 5 opens with a flashback memory from 1989. The marriage ceremony of Joaquin Manchado is happening. Joaquin Manchado’s brother is also there at the function with his girlfriend. Joaquin Manchado calls his brother to gather the family members for a group photo. Joaquin Manchado insisted on removing his brother’s girlfriend from the group photo.

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Joaquin Manchado’s brother Roman seems disappointed with the behaviour of his brother. Later that night Joaquin Manchado’s brother and his girlfriend were sitting inside the car, talking about their love life and slowly they started to have some intimate moments inside the car.

Back at the present, Victor is seen walking towards his home. He saw the little neighbour kid getting bullied by other kids on the street. He went to protect him from the bully kids, also he enquired about the mother of the child. The financial manager of the drug mafia came back to his home to talk with his son, he told his son to go outside of the house. His son was always sitting at home with mobile addiction, so he gifted him a bike to make him go outside.

Joaquin Manchado’s daughter made the arrangements for the kids to go to school, she seems worried about her father’s condition and the affair of her husband. Meanwhile, Joaquin Manchado’s brother was grieving at the hospital, he was worried about his new girlfriend, but eventually, he understood that she lost her life.

Once again, a flashback memory popped up from Joaquin Manchado’s past events with his brother. They had a clash with the man, who’s the head of the port. During their arguments, Joaquin Manchado’s brother’s girlfriend came in, who’s the daughter of the man who’s sitting in front of them. Roman didn’t like the tone of her father’s voice raised against her.

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After the argument, the port crew tried to kill them near the port, but they escaped from the incident after jumping into the water. Back at present, Joaquin Manchado resting in a coma condition at the ICU ward. His brother enters the ICU, prays for him and asks a co-worker about Ricardo. He ordered the co-worker to catch Ricardo if he ever showed up.

Ricardo planned to kill his uncle with the help of new allies. His uncle looking for him at his apartment, but he was not there. Later, his uncle went to the gambling casino, he questioned the staff and Ricardo’s friend about his whereabouts. His uncle looked at the port again later that night, Ricardo along with some thugs already targeted him at the port. His uncle starts shooting at everyone, Ricardo believes that his uncle stole the container of cocaine, but his uncle thinks the opposite. They started beating each other, both had enough damage and Ricardo ran away into the shipment office.

His uncle kept following him, he was already covered in blood, they went face to face and stabbed with knives on each other untill death. On the same night, Victor got information from his superior that there was one more spy inside the port which they didn’t tell him. There’s a girl who has been following Victor for some time and is the second spy in the port, but somehow her identity got exposed among Joaquin Manchado’s men.

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Overall the fifth episode is very emotional. The flashback portions kept repeating in this episode. The episode showcased some extreme violence within the Manchado family. The episode ended with an unexpected revelation. Let’s see how the next episode goes.



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