Flex X Cop Episode 13 Explained: Disney Plus presents an action investigation show called Flex x Cop. The plot revolves around a crime investigation department, they solve very challenging murder cases with the association of a high leader and a young man from the richest family in the country.

They jointly solve cases and build their career by facing many hurdles. The rich young man indirectly obeys the order from his father to help him win the mayoral election.

Episode 13 opens at Isoo’s father’s house, a stranger drives his car to the Hansu group house. He is covered in blood, he opens the door climbs the gate of Hansen’s group house and falls down on the floor. The next day morning, Lee Kang Hyun’s father returns to his duties as the deputy superintendent of police. Everyone gave a warm welcome to the new superintendent of police. Isoo and Lee Kang Hyun joined their duties after recovering from the nearly-death experience.

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They both had a fun conversation at the police station. Jin Seung Ju was travelling to his office in his car, when he witnessed a suspicious car in front of his house and ordered the driver to move it soon. Jin Myung Chul the second mayor candidate had a live debate show, Jin Seung Ju was relieved that his father finally earned more reception from the public.

Meanwhile, Lee Kang Hyun got a call from a murder site, she took her team and left for the crime spot. At Jin Myung Chul’s house, his wife and servants witnessed the man covered in blood at the garden. When the cops reached the crime spot, Isoo felt shocked. They question the servants, at the same time, Jin Myung Chul’s wife said that she doesn’t know the man and why he climbed the gates.

Sbc reported following the cops on the way to the crime spot, he informed his superior that there had been a dead body at the house of mayor candidate Jin Myung Chul. The sbc news channel head leaked the news to the opposite mayor candidate. Isoo informed his brother Jin Seung Ju about the death in front of his house.

Jin Seung Ju conveyed to his father Jin Myung Chul that he doesn’t know about the man. Jin Myung Chul came back to his home facing a lot of reporters in front of the gate. He asked his wife about the man who died and she confirmed that she doesn’t have any connections with her. Later, Jin Myung Chul questioned his son, Jin Seung Ju, about the man, he also verified that his mother didn’t lie.

The cops checked the identity of the person, interrogated his family members and found out that he was a victim of many gambling games. When they checked his call history, his last call was made to Isoo’s brother Jin Seung Ju. Isoo went directly to his office and interrogated him. Jin Seung Ju slowly starts to remember the man, who once came to their party meeting with a visiting card. He confirmed that he didn’t see him after that.

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Isoo felt suspicious about his brother’s words, so he went directly into the security room and gathered the surveillance footage of the day they met each other. On the other side, Lee Kang Hyun’s father took the early complaint reports raised by Lee Kang Hyun about Isoo from the month he started working there.

Her father insisted on removing Isoo from the case immediately, he is concerned that Isoo’s family is somehow involved in the case. Lee Kang Hyun is forever indebted to Isoo for saving her life, she opposed her father’s decision to remove Isoo from the investigation of the case that happened at his father’s house.

The opposite mayor candidate bribed the sbc new channel head and ordered him to reveal the suicide of Isoo’s mother. When Isoo reached his home, reporters surrounded him with questions, they spread his name as the illegitimate son of Jin Myung Chul. Suddenly, Lee Kang Hyun and her mother came to rescue him from the reporters.

At the end of the episode, Lee Kang Hyun and the team catch a man who was with the man before his death, he explains everything he witnessed. The team followed one of the suspects to a random building, where they saw him meeting with another man. Isoo followed that guy and confronted him, later he realised that it was Jin Seung Ju, who was in front of him.

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Overall the episode looks more serious than engaging. The episode created some new conflict around Isoo and their family. The ending twist was totally unexpected. Already the curiosity peaked for the next episode to find out more details about Jin Seung Ju’s influence on the death.



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