“Iron Reign” Episode 3 Recap and Explained: Netflix presents their Spanish crime thriller series “Iron Reign” in eight episodes with about one hour of runtime. The story revolves around a shipyard where the officials working there are part of a drug syndicate. They use the shipyard to help the cartels smuggle drugs outside. A big shipment has come to their shipyard in Barcelona, and some unexpected things happened after the attack on Joaquin Manchado.

The episode opens with a flashback of Victor coming to jail in 2022. It is an undercover operation to get friendly with Flaco and through him reach to their drug operation. When Victor came to jail Flaco’s men came to beat him up in the room. Victor beat them all on his own, many got severely injured in the fight. Later Flaco had a chat with Victor. Flaco got a mail to the jail, he couldn’t write or read. Victor reads it for him.

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The policewoman meets Victor at the jail. He tells Flaco will be out soon, if he gets out faster their plans will collapse. Later after some time, Flaco was released, later Victor was also released. Flaco was waiting for him outside the jail. He took him to a beach and said he was invited to meet someone. As they went there, Joaquin Manchado was there with his brother. Flaco introduced Victor to Joaquin Manchado. Joaquin Manchado said Flaco told very highly of Victor.

Joaquin Manchado asked Victor why he went to jail. Victor said he killed a person who killed his loved one. Joaquin Manchado gives him a job at their port. Cut to the current scenario, Police and ambulance arrived at the port. When they checked Joaquin Manchado, he had pulses on him. They took him on ambulance to the hospital. Nestor is at his home readied for his work at port.

His wife is making the child ready for school. His wife finds condoms in Nestor’s pockets of his jacket. She gets worried and angry. Suddenly they get a call about Joaquin Manchado at the hospital.

They went to the hospital, and Nestor’s wife was worried about her father. Victor and Flaco check the CCTV visuals and find the container was purposefully thrown at Joaquin Manchado, which makes it a murder attempt. Joaquin Manchado’s son is at the game centre. He ran out when the money lender guys came to find him. They caught him and beat him very badly asking the money. They gave him a one-day extension to give back their money.

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Joaquin Manchado’s son hears the news and runs to the hospital. He gets treated as if he was injured. The doctor tells Joaquin Manchado was saved and will recover soon. The drug dealer asks about the consignment to be delivered very soon. Nestor and others try for ways to make the transfer. Flaco says he will stay with Joaquin Manchado and Victor will replace him.

They team up with the container to the spot. On the way, Victor sends a message to his lady officer about the location. She tells the location to the squads. They all reach the exchange location. The shipment gang and money exchange gangs all are gathered there. Nestor, Victor and other arrives with the container. They told Joaquin Manchado couldn’t come there. As the dealers opened one of the boxes inside the container it was all toys. Looks like someone changed the container box.

Joaquin Manchado’s son said the container box that came from the ship had bullet holes on it but this doesn’t have it. The dealers got angry and suspected Joaquin Manchado about the change. Suddenly the police squad who was there trying to arrest them got caught by the eyes of the dealers. Suddenly a massive shootout happens and all the soldiers die with some dealer securities. They all leave the place by giving 5 days for the delivery.

The episode ends with Nestor’s wife thinking of calling Victor but not calling, at the same time Nestor goto a house where many guys romance each other. Apparently, Nestor is also in a gay relationship there. Victor at his room getting photographed by someone who was following him. Joaquin Manchado at the bed in hospital while Flaco looking after him.

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Overall this episode was very thrilling. We saw some good actions too. We got a better deviation in the story too. Let’s see how this gonna develop more.



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