Beef Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: “BEEF” is steadily reaching its final episode now. I completed episode 9 in no time to conclude the show with its 10th episode. First, let’s discuss what went up and down in episode 9.

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Isaac is bailed out by an unknown woman who informs the police that his cousin was driving the truck. While Amy is convincing Jordan to sell back the Tamago, George calls her to inform them that Danny had kidnapped June. Danny takes June back to his apartment where Bobby, Michael, and Isaac barge in, and Isaac hits Danny hard for not bailing him out. Isaac asks Danny about the stolen church money.

Isaac calls Amy to blackmail her and demands $500K if she wants her daughter back. Amy tips him off that Jordana Forsters has a collection of crown artifacts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. She shares Jordan’s address and asks him to leave his daughter in Amy’s car seat.

Amy informs George to keep the police out of this issue since she had baited Jordana’s crown collection. While Jordan is giving Amy a house tour, she notices that Amy is worried about her divorce from George. Jordana encourages her with her insightful knowledge. Amy decides to stay the night due to heavy traffic.

As Naomi opens the door, two masked men break-in, threatening them to put all their valuable things inside their bags. In the car, Paul manages to untie himself and knocks Bobby unconscious. Isaac hears police sirens and in panic, asks Amy if she had called the cops. Amy responds by asking where her daughter was, and this makes Amy’s plan bust out. Danny and Paul lock up June in Amy’s white SUV and look for a spare car to escape. Michael points the gun at them, asking where Bobby was.

Amy tells Isaac that she can call her husband to talk to the cops and tell them that Danny and Paul are holding them all, hostage. Naomi and Jordan make a run, and just before Jordan is about to enter the secure room, Naomi closes the door. Jordana ends up getting chopped up.

Amy calls George and tells him that June is in her car outside. Before she can tell him that Danny and Paul are holding them, hostage, George hangs up. Isaac calls 911 and threatens to kill Amy if the police try anything. Amy emotionally manipulates Isaac so that if he lets her go, he might have a chance to start over. The police break in, and bullets are exchanged. Paul manages to climb up a wall and extends his hand to help Danny climb up. Danny confesses to holding Paul down, throwing Paul’s college applications in the trash, and burning down their parents’ house.

A disappointed Paul leaves. Michael is shot dead, Isaac and Bobby are arrested, and a traumatized Naomi is with the medics. Amy asks about her family and learns that they left earlier.

Danny also climbs up the wall and tries to call Paul. Amy receives a mail stating that George has been given emergency custody of their child, and she is prohibited from contacting June or George until the completion of the hearing.

Amy sees Danny leaving and decides to follow him along the road. Rash driving and lack of focus have dangerous consequences, and both vehicles end up falling off a cliff. The episode ends.



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