Monsieur Spade Episode 3 Release Date

Monsieur Spade Episode 3 Release Date

Monsieur Spade Episode 3 Release Date: AMC presents another crime mystery series in six episodes which tells the story of detective Samuel Spades a famous character from Dashiel Hammett’s 1930 novel The Maltese Falcon. Samuel went to a village in France to deliver his late friend’s daughter to her husband Phillipe Saint Andre as per her wish.

To fulfill the promise he made to her he reached the village. But the kid’s father Phillipe was not a good guy as Spade thought he was.

Samuel Spade came to the village and enquired about Teresa’s father Phillipe but everyone says the same that he is very bad and dangerous person. Most people warns Samuel not to involve with Phillipe. As years pass Samuel Spade settles there at village. He married Gabrielle but sadly she is no more. He still remembers her, he is filled with her memories.

Gabrielle was blackmailed and threatened by Phillipe before. Teresa became an aged girl, she is going to be mature. She lives in an orphanage, but phillipe trying to be a good father infront of her to steal the money she gets when she is mature.

A killing incident happens at the orphanage which changes the entire path of the story. A monk came to the orphanage asking about a kid Zayid, as he didn’t get any answer he kills the nuns there. Which shook entire village. Teresa was at the room when they were killed. She barely escaped the incident. Now the story changes on finding the truth behind that massacre, Samuel starts going deep to find the truth behind these events and the boy.

Teresa faked their story about what happened at the orphanage but eventually, Samuel provokes her to tell the truth. Phillipe came to orphanage before the incident and gave a boy Zayid and told Teresa to hide him there. She hears gun sound when she was hiding him at the chapel. She locks the children in a room and go to prayer hall with a knife. After killing those nuns with gun, Monk gets to her, but she stabs him with knife and escapes.

In episode 3 we can expect more details about that Zayid and why those nuns got killed for this boy. Also we can expect a face to face with Phillipe and Samuel. Episode 3 release date is on 28th January at 9:00PM on Sunday at AMC and will be available at Amazon prime video for rental in US.

Currently 2 episodes available at Amazon prime video US and AMC with English audio and English subtitles.

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