Death and Other Details Episode 4 Release Date: Hulu presents a ten-episode crime thriller investigation series. The show is based on an unexpected murder that took place inside a Mediterranean sailing ship. A group of wealthy people were traveling, and finding out who the real killer is the rest of the story.

Death and other details consist of ten episodes, already three episodes has been released untill now. The upcoming episode, the fourth episode will release on January 30th. The show has been going great so far, so the expectations for the next episodes is already at peak. Every episode ended with a cliffhanger twist which no one had ever guessed.

Rufus Coteworth and Imogene scott joined for a great investigation with every possibilities of catching the real murderer of Danny. The entry of Interpol Agent Hilde made the investigation more brighter. Agent hilde focusing only on surveillance footages of Keith’s room. The show had a stellar cast with an exceptional performance. Each episode ended with a shocking twist block, the last twist was about Jules.

The main characters of the show are Imogene scott , Rufus Coteworth, Anna, and Keith Trotsky.So far there’s been so many surprising twists revealed on all three episodes. The Unexpected murder of Keith trubitsky an alias of Danny, and the investigation is going on brisk mode around collier family and business magnets . Surprisingly Imogene Scott got caught on the surveillance camera while coming in and out and that made her priority suspect.

The last episode ended with a shocking twist. The head of the security of cruise ship Varuna, Jules is an alias name. There’s no actual man in the name Jules in the entire ship. Meanwhile Imogene got caught by Jules while following Leila in to engine room.

The upcoming episode will release on January 30, Tuesday. The next episode will be an eye opener to so many Secrets surrounding Collier family and the murderer of Danny. The connection between Jules and Leila will be showcased on the next episode. Why a man joined the security team as an alias and why Leila went to meet him are the most raising question.

Let’s see how the investigation will move further. Catching the real murderer of Danny and the connection between that murder and Viktor Sam is the sole purpose of Rufus Coteworth and Imogene scott.

All three episodes of Death and other details streaming on Hulu with English subtitles. Rest of the Upcoming seven episodes will be released on every Tuesday.



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