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A Shop For Killers Episode 5 Release Date, Preview, Time

A Shop For Killers Episode 5 Release Date: Disney presents an eight-episodic action thriller with unexpected twists. Disney been taking lot of action thrillers recently, this one is the latest addition to it. Story revolves around Jeong Jian a teenage girl who lived alone, he parents died when she was kid. The only person she had was her uncle Jeong Jinman. Now her uncle also died unexpectedly.

As she reaches his home, she finds lot of things about her uncle, she got know her uncle had another personality and job she knew of. As she get to know him more people try to kill her.

Jinman cared for Jian when he was there. Jinman faked his job to Jinman and tried to protect her from people who are coming after him and her. Jinamn taught her defence and attacking to face those enemies without her knowing the future of her. The last four episodes had a terrific base and the expectations for the next episodes are higher.

The fourth episode ended with Jeongmin taking control of the secret storage room. The shocking twist made the audience to wait eagerly for upcoming episodes. Who is Jeongmin?, what’s the real reason behind Jeong Jinman’s suspicious death are the main questions for upcoming episodes. More problems coming in Jian’s way, when she try to defend one she gets another attack.

In the last four episodes,Ji An’s character had the highest screen presence, meanwhile, Jinman’s already got died on pilot episode itself. Even if he died sooner, the story went to many past events of Jinman which made him the second biggest character of the drama.

The attack from unknown enemies, sudden suspicious death uncle Jinman , secret surveillance room under the house , unknown person inside the storage room , sudden revealing of Jeongmin’s real character and exploring secrets the murderer’s shopping mall are the main events of last four episodes in this show.

Each episode ended with a banger action block or an unexpected twist. So many unknown things are yet to be revealed by the creator. Each episode making the viewers engaging and hooked. The scale of the drama getting bigger and better after each episode.

The fifth and sixth episodes will give it a further push. Disney releases two episodes on same day every week. Episode 5 and 6 will come at Disney on 31st January at 1.30 PM IST. Four episodes of the drama are currently available in Disney in korean language and subtitles.


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