Samuel Spade In ‘Monsieur Spade’: AMC presents an American-French series set in 1963 in Bezouls, France. The show is about Samuel Spades who is a fictional character in Dashiell Hammett’s 1930 novel The Maltese Falcon. The story revolves around Sam coming to a village to deliver the daughter of his friend to her father. But as he gets there the situations change from what he expected and he starts to live there.

Samuel Spade is played by Clive Owen a British actor who worked in many films. He is widely known for his works in Closer (2004), Children of Men (2006), and his role in Croupier (1998). He is one in a few actors who can do acting and physical stunts in his roles. His roles are suited to his looks and the way he presents is unique in his way.

In the show, we can see Samuel spade in his mid-fifties suffering from emphysema. Because of his disease, he stops smoking. He has that detective look when he has that hat on him. At the start of the show he only speaks English with very minimal French for basic talks. He always keep that serious look through the episode. He always speaks very calmly with the people he meet. While looking for the girl’s father he meets Madam Gabrielle asking for lift. But that changed his life.

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He started living with Gabrielle in mutual interests and gradually they loved each other. Now after 8 years he is a widower living in her house looking after her properties as his. He misses her a lot. He vists her graveyard daily at night. We can see him thinking about their past in flashback scenes which come at some points throughout the episodes.

As time goes by he got an affair with Marguerite Devereaux who is the wife of Jean Pierre. He maintains their relationship well and tries to tempt Jean on occasion when they two meet. From the club money Samuel gets he provides expenses for Teresa who is in the orphanage every time. The daily life of Samuel is very simple, he goes out to markets and chat with people. Samuel improved his French skills now speaks French very fluently with his 8 years of living in Bezouls.

Sam has a good understanding of Phillipe now with the information he got till now. But he is not afraid of anyone and goes all the way in to protect his promises and his memories of the dead.

That’s all about the character of Samuel Spade. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.


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