‘Kubra’ Episode 4: Netflix presents a mysterious thriller Turkish drama with eight episodes. The drama is about the relationship between humans and the almighty Allah. Gokhan is an ex-military man whose life is changed after becoming the messenger of Allah.

The fourth episode started with Gokhan coming out of the police station after hours of long interrogation. Hundreds of people gathered to support Gokhan’s words in front of the police station. His mother, sister, and girlfriend Merve also came to bring him home. In front of hundreds of believers, Gokhan talked about his visions and the things he wanted to implement at the place.

People called him Semavi, the messenger of Allah. Gokhan reconfirmed that he is not a prophet or a man with special powers; the almighty Allah delivers messages to him, and informing others is the only thing he has been doing. Allah chose him for a reason, the reason is still unknown to everyone. Gokhan wants to change society into a better and more peaceful city.

More than just delivering almighty Allah’s messages, he got cured mentally by himself through these recent events. A press meet took place with government authorities and media. While answering the questions, someone from the media asked the government authority about Semavi.

The chief replied that there are 17 messiahs identified by law enforcement organizations, and those who believe in all of them are very ordinary people. So, they always have such people showing up, and the chief told the media not to pay any regard to such people.

"Berk" In 'Kubra' Explained - Actor Name, Who Plays?
“Berk” In ‘Kubra’

Gokhan and his newfound followers went to the mosque for prayers. Things get more chaotic when a group of offenders gather against Gokhan and his followers, entering the mosque. The clash between different believers in front of the mosque was interrupted when one of the supporters of Gokhan arrived.

After the viral revolution of Gokhan’s videos, many people started to send donations for the good cause. When Gokhan and followers arrived at the place, a lot of donations filled the place. Gokhan instructed the followers to distribute everything to those people in need. A young follower of Gokhan came to him and told Gokhan how much this whole thing meant for him. Gokhan started something that no one ever did for that society; his determination and kindness to help the society and the poor people touched that young follower’s heart.

He found a purpose in his whole life, and he felt grateful to Gokhan. During dinner time at Gokhan’s house, a conversation happened between Gokhan and his family. Gokhan and Gulca started discussing how to distribute the donated materials to the needy people. Their mother interfered in the discussion and asked him how he will be able to find money for their family needs. Gokhan ran out of answers in front of his mother, sister, and fiancée.

While arranging the donation materials, a group of government vehicles arrived. A well-dressed man came out of the car and started talking with Gokhan. Gokhan kept listening to the words of the man, who is a politician and wants to inform that his leader wants to meet Gokhan in person. The politician kept talking about what Gokhan is doing and how much popularity he will get if it’s used in the best way. Gokhan didn’t like this man’s intentions and told him that everyone knows where he lives and he never goes to anyone’s house for meetings.

The politician left a bag of cash inside the donation campaign room, and Gokhan shouted at Merve for accepting it. Gokhan and followers started seeing police vehicles near the area without any interferences. The next day, a bunch of cops started showing up in front of the campaign and asked everyone to stop distributing donation materials.

The donation campaign didn’t have any permission from government authorities, so the cops deliberately tried to interfere with the distribution. Things went wrong when police officers started a fight with Gokhan and his followers. Meanwhile, his close friend Serhat, who’s under surveillance by enforcement organizations, did a cloning of Gokhan’s mobile device. He betrayed his own friend to survive from drug cases and acted innocent in front of everyone.

'Serhat' In 'Kubra' Character Explained
‘Serhat’ In ‘Kubra’

The situation got worse when police officers and organizers started fighting each other. Someone from the police took his gun and shot a young man. Meanwhile, a reporter spotted at the location to interview Gokhan, and Merve took visuals of the incident. Everyone got depressed after the unexpected death of a young Allah believer. The end of the fourth episode became a bit more tragic when Gokhan called Allah for new instructions and support. Gokhan asked Allah to show from the top of a hill. Kubra replied to a message, asking Gokhan to look at the faraway building.

A cop was spying on Gokhan at the same time, and saw him talking with Kubra. Within a span of time, that faraway building blasted in front of them. Suddenly, a voiceover appeared and told Gokhan that he can never see Allah the almighty. Things are getting more serious, and the next episodes will give more light to the unexpected tragic events.

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