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Kubra Series Episode 2 Recap and Explained

Kübra Episode 2: Netflix presents an eight-episode Turkish original mystery drama series. This drama revolves around an ex-military man and the events that unfold when he receives unexpected messages from Kubra through a religious social media platform. Episode two started with Gokhan suddenly appearing in a dark, unknown desert.

Apart from his head, his whole body went completely under the ground. He suddenly got visions of his mother, his sister Gulcan, and his girlfriend Merve dressed in black, wandering around the desert in a mysterious ambiance. After those visions, he suddenly woke up and got to know that it’s all a mysterious dream.

Gokhan came out of his room and started collecting information about Kubra. He had an envelope of details he gathered about Kubra, and at the same time, she texted him a new message. “The Grateful: The parable of Noah’s test through his son” was the latest message Gokhan received. He opened his computer and started looking into those words.

Someone came to Gokhan’s home and rang the bell; his mother opened the door and saw Gokhan’s girlfriend Merve. His mother expressed her sadness about the current situation of Gokhan after his retirement from the military services; she was worried about his condition very much.

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Gokhan kept looking for more details about the messages; in the meantime, he got another message too. “Messengers are tested through their beloved, the word of God spread through suffering” were the latest information he got. He started shuddering for some time and asked God, “Are you going to test me through my beloved ones?” The reply he got on his phone made him more worried; undoubtedly, God testing his loyalty through his beloved ones was the reply he got from her.

Merve came to Gokhan’s to meet him and inquire about his condition. He kept standing there with a downcast face, and Merve found that something was off with his mental state and started asking questions. During the interaction, Gokhan promised Merve that nothing happened to him, and he’s fine like earlier. She asked him to get ready to go out with her and get some fresh air to change his mood. While Gokhan was taking a nap, Merve once again started discussing about Gokhan with his mother. Merve is very positive that nothing happened to him, and it’s just work issues, but his mother still worried about Gokhan and her daughter Gulcan.

The past memories of Gokhan’s father with him and his family kept coming up during the conversation with Merve. At the same time, his mother and sister started recalling past events during Gokhan’s father’s death. The family went out of control, and everyone is a mess after his father’s death; everyone blames themselves for the death. Apart from healing the situation as a family, the three of them have arguments and quarrels every day. Gulcan got addicted to smoking, and her mother couldn’t even control her from stopping it.

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Gokhan met his friend Salih, a coworker at his workshop, and talked about the things that happened recently after the messages from Kubra. Salih thought Kubra was just a girl having an affair with Gokhan; such interaction made Gokhan more mad at Salih. He added that Kubra is not a girl or human; it’s something beyond human. At the same time, Gulcan went to a watch shop to recover her dad’s watch to feel his presence with her all the time.

Gokhan started praying to Allah to accept him and to help him overcome his condition. Kubra texted once again, asking him to join the process and also gave him a new location to go. The location he got was an old building rooftop, where he saw his sister smoking a cigarette. He couldn’t do anything but watch her trying to commit suicide from the top; a sudden voice note of his father on Gulcan’s phone changed everything.

Both of them filled their eyes with tears and hugged each other after hearing their father’s voice. The episode ended with Gokhan telling his family, girlfriend, and friend gathered in his home that Allah has been speaking to him.

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