Kubra Series Episode 3: Netflix come up with another Turkish drama that tells the story of a normal man who works in a workshop getting messages from an unknown entity named Kubra. As he gets more linked with Kubra’s messages his life changes and unusual things happen in his and his place. In this real world people are hard to digest these phenomena Gokhan goes in the path he chose with Kubra.

Third episode starts with Gokhan’s co-workers going to a home with fighting tools and breaks the door of a house. We can see a girl tied in there. They rescued her, and people crowded outside. Through the crowds Gokhan walks to her mother and tell no need to thank him, it’s all Allah’s doing and he is just a messenger, nothing more than that.

When he leaves we can see people online accusing him as liar, but doesn’t care about them and says even if nobody believes i have no issue. There is a meeting going on about the power outage that happened in Istanbul which was shown in first episode. They couldn’t identify who or how did it. They say like it’s an impossible thing to find who did it. Cut to Gokhan’s home, his mother is not satisfied with what he doing nowadays. She thinks someone is fooling with him. But his sister believes on him and says he is chosen by Allah and tells her mother to believe in him on what he is doing.

The episode shows a flashback scene of what happened in his home said in the second episode ending. Gokhan saying that Allah speaks to him now, but everyone except Gulcan and Salih thought he talking mad. But Gulcan says she believes him and she heard what Father said, it’s true Allah speaking to Gokhan. Salih also tells and hug him that he knew Gokhan is something from a very long time and he believes too. Even if they believe Hodja not believe it, he trying to demotivate him in his ways, he says people are talking about Gokhan’s madness about this.

Merve talks with her father about Gokhan. She is confused about whats going on with Gokhan. Her father says it maybe true or maybe false but think about it. He asks her are you able to be with him in all these circumstances. Bad people are in these things, they can harm Gokhan, unless are not ready to face these problems with him think about it.

Gokhan talking to Allah again, he says he is in fear, he is alone and he need strength. Kubra texts him that people will see the truth tomowwor at the night prayer. Gokhan gather his family and friends to avoid the disaster coming. He posts a video warning about the disaster coming. Salih came running to Gokhan and said Mr. Hamit sold their shop to clear Serhat’s debt. Gokhan and Serhat start quarreling each other, and Serhat swears at Gokhan.

People gathered at coffee shop. Gokhan tells everyone that he is telling the truth about Allah speaking to him. Kubra sends him a text about the guy sitting in front of him killing his wife for her money, guy runs away in fear from a coffee shop. Prayer starts, and everyone is in panic on what going to happen when it ends. As the prayer ended, the whole of Istanbul got a power outage, every lights went off, people started hearing a weird buzzing noise like some magnetic power vibration voice. The whole install shook for some time.

Later the power sources came back again, news channels reported that over 16 million residents were affected by the power outage. Authorities says it’s and act of terrorism, and started interrogating Gokhan for his video he posted before the outage says he may have been involved with this.

That incident shakes everyone’s safety. People started discussing, and asking questions about the authorities. Gokhan is being interrogated in every ways to get the truth by the investigator. The investigator opens up Gokhan’s army history file, and try to make Gokhan speak about things he wanted to hear. But Gokhan is still keeping his same word. Gokhan getting huge hatred and support along the region.

At the end of the episode, people and his family gathered outside the police station with medias for asking release of Gokhan. Gokhan got released, coming outside he sees his supporters chanting for him.

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