Kubra Series Episode 1 Recap, Summary and Explained “Kubra” Ending Explained - Who Is Behind That Voice?

Kubra Series Episode 1 Recap, Summary and Explained

Kübra Episode 1: Netflix presents another Turkish drama with a religious touch in the plot. The story revolves around Gokhan, an ex-soldier working in a shop, who receives a message from an unknown entity named Kubra that knows everything about him and his life. The story develops as he gets more messages from Kubra, causing a disruption in his daily life, making it more complex.

The episode starts with Gokhan saving a kid trapped inside a car. He feels like it’s God wanting him to save that kid. Next, we see Gokhan and his girlfriend, Merve, arguing about that incident. She is really upset with him for risking his life to save the kid. But he says it’s his purpose to save that kid, as God destined him to do so. The argument goes on, and she says he acts weird after he left the army, risking his life for nothing, as if he wanted to die so badly by doing this.

Suddenly, he gets a message from an anonymous account named Kubra. Merve starts inquiring about Kubra, but he doesn’t know who she is. Next, we see him working in the shop. He asks the staff about his friend Serhat, who didn’t come that day. After finishing work, he goes to play football with his friends, continuously asking about Serhat’s whereabouts.

His phone keeps notifying as Kubra keeps texting him. She knows about Merve too, which surprises him. After the match, he joins their party, paid by Serhat. Serhat talks about the change that happened to Gokhan after leaving the army, mentioning that he stopped drinking alcohol and speaks more about God.

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Gokhan returns home; his mother is sleeping on the couch. He starts watching TV, and at the same time, Kubra keeps messaging him that she can see Merve right now. He sees it as a joke until Kubra messages a text that is then said on TV exactly. It changes his mood, and he starts suffocating. We see flashbacks of him saving the kid and when he was in the army. The next day, he meets with his girlfriend; she suggests that Kubra might be someone they know or one of the girls who have a crush on him.

As they go, she tells him to ask the boss to add him as a partner in the shop, and her father is asking about him too. Gokhan promises her that he will talk to the boss. As he comes to the shop, he checks the staff’s phones to make sure they are not Kubra using the Soultouch app. Gokhan’s boss Hamit visits the shop looking for Serhat, but he is not there. Gokhan tells the staff to look for him.

A guy comes asking for Gokhan; he is Haluk, the father of Firat, the kid Gokhan saved. He came to give a gift for saving his kid, saying that Firat won’t live longer as he suffers from Behcet’s disease. As soon as he leaves, Kubra messages Gokhan that the disease he mentioned was wrong.

Gokhan’s mind becomes confused about the things happening. He starts thinking about the incident that happened in the army camp where his soldier friends died in front of him in a shootout at their tent. He is still in that trauma. Suddenly, Kubra sends him the place where Serhat is now. Serhat was there smoking weed with Gulcan, who is Gokhan’s sister. As he comes, she escapes from there. Gokhan and Serhat meet and quarrel with each other. Serhat says he needs to lay low for a while.

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Gokhan returns to work after going home when Gulcan arrives there. While he is working, the Soultouch app gets installed automatically on his phone, and Kubra sends him a message. He gets shocked on seeing the message like an impossible thing. His computer monitor shows a message, and he runs outside; he sees two cars getting into an accident. Gokhan goes to the mosque and asks the Muslim priest Hodja about someone knowing about the car accident before it happened. He explains it might be a dejavu.

At the end of the episode, Haluk and Firat come to the shop happily and hug Gokhan. Haluk said that because of Gokhan’s question, he did a test on Firat with another doctor, and the results were just a fever. He says if they continued the medicines, Firat would have died, but now he got saved again by Gokhan. As Gokhan gets home, he gets a message from Kubra with a location.

He goes there, and Kubra tells him to listen to the sound in the darkness to see her. In the end, Gokhan sees the lights below from the hilltop turn off all of a sudden, and only the mosque lights are turned ON. He hears the adhan prayers from the mosque, and Episode 1 ends here.

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