Gokhan In ‘Kubra’ Character Explained: Gokhan Plays and character analysis: Netflix presents a spiritual fantasy thriller show called “Kubra” with eight episodes. The show is about a veteran military man who got influenced by a special thing called Kubra; the changes he made to the society of believers are the rest of the story.

Gokhan is played by Cagatay Ulusoy, known for television series The Tailor, Medzecir, and Netflix’s web series, The Protector. Gokhan is a middle-aged man who changed a lot after the sudden tragedies that happened during his military service period. He lost his beloved friends and brothers during the period he served for the nation.

During the military attack, the whole crew witnessed tragic deaths, but except Gokhan. Gokhan was the finest army man of the nation; he was the only person who survived the massive military attack. The depression of losing his beloved brothers and friends made him deny all the medals and pensions granted to him by the government.

Gokhan is an emotionally unstable person; he blindly believed that everything happening for a reason. The fear inside him made his girlfriend Merve and mother worried. He works as a manager in a mechanic shop; he soon wanted to get promoted as a partner to marry his girlfriend. Everything changes after the unexpected messages from Kubra. Gokhan is an excellent soccer player; he used to play with his friends after work. Gokhan used to pray alone in a faraway lonely house; he always sought mental peace at that place.

The people around him kept saying that it’s just an illusion and there’s no such thing as the messenger of God. Even though millions believed his words, but a fraction of people saw him as a sinner and fraud who is brainwashing innocent people.

Gokhan is deeply involved in religious concepts, and he always explores the possibilities of Allah in everything. Gokhan hates someone talking down about the almighty Allah; he motivates every soul to be strong about their faiths. Apart from all these things, Gokhan is loyal to his girlfriend Merve; no matter how many times they argue, Gokhan never doubted her at any point. His sole ambition is to make the world a better place, eradicate the sins of negative people, and spread faith in everyone’s mind.

Gokhan was named Semavi by the followers. Semavi became a faithful leader to everyone who stood behind him. Gokhan got immense support from everyone across the nation. So many people started pouring donations into the Semavi foundation, which is created by Gokhan.

That’s all about the character of Gokhan. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.”

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