‘Serhat’ In ‘Kubra’ Character Explained: Kubra is an eight-episodic Netflix original mystery thriller drama with a religious plot. An ex-military guy Gokhan getting a message from Kubra, an unknown entity which he thinks is Allah, makes him start a foundation to help people who need. As his popularity increases, some people among the government start acting against him.

Serhat is an ex-military who served in the army for years, the best friend of Gokhan. Serhat is played by Turkish actor Aytek Sayan, known for his roles in Kuzgun (2019), 46 Yok Olan (2016), and Barbaros: Sword of the Mediterranean (2021). He is good in his roles he played. He has his own unique style in portraying his roles through his skills.

Serhat is an alcoholic, drug addict. Serhat’s father, Hamit, owns the shop that Gokhan works. Serhat is a very lazy guy; he won’t do any jobs, disobeys his father. His father looks for him all the time, but Servat will be somewhere, nobody knows where he will be.

Serhat plays in the Ormancilar football team. Servat describes everything about Gokhan at the team dinner he sponsored, showing that he knows everything about Serhat. Serhat has too many debts, because of his debts, his father Hamit sold the shop without telling any staffs. Even though his father cares about him, he doesn’t love anyone back that much.

Serhat backstabbed Gokhan many times before. He took the shirt with blood that Gokhan wore when the shooting happened and gave it to the cop. He did it to save him and Gulcan from cop arresting them. He betrayed his friend by falling in love with his sister Gulcan, and also he betrayed Gokhan by helping the cop against Gokhan. Serhat throughout the series provokes Gokhan to drink alcohol even though Gokhan refuses it.

As Serhat’s character, Aytek Sayan done his job very well. As a drug addict throughout the drama, he excelled in his role. Serhat is there throughout the series. He doesn’t believe in Allah’s miracles Gokhan said he has. But Serhat always says to the cop that Gokhan won’t lie; he says the truth only. Even though there are issues with him, he still believes in Gokhan.

That’s all about the character of Serhat. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.”

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