"Berk" In 'Kubra' Explained - Actor Name, Who Plays?

“Berk” In ‘Kubra’ Explained – Actor Name, Who Plays?

“Berk” In ‘Kubra’ Explained: Berk plays and character analysis: Netflix presents an eight-episodic Turkish original show called “Kubra”. The show depicts the spiritual emotions of people in the modern generation and the revolution they are creating in the society with the use of social platforms.

Berk is an important character who comes at the final episode of the series. Berk is the original founder of Kubra. Berk created the artificial intelligence technology with a name “Knowledge Unit Based Reasoning Automaton” converted into a short form called Kubra.

Berk is a young man with unbelievable ideas and vision. His sole purpose of introducing Kubra is to change the generation from the Industrial Revolution to the modern era of artificial intelligence. Berk found out the possibilities of using artificial intelligence in corporate companies.

By giving complete access to all the data and information of large corporate companies, using Kubra artificial intelligence, Berk can possibly increase their sales. Berk had a knack to convince everyone easily; his visions are the main reason for Kubra’s biggest success.

Berk’s conversation with the artificial intelligence changed the face of Istanbul. Berk injected Kubra into every single network in the country. Berk worked hard for his company; his co-creators never doubted his capability of doing an exceptional vision.

Berk and the assistant had an argument during the finale episode. Berk used his artificial intelligence technology against the whole nation. Gokhan believed everything Kubra talked to him; it’s all because of Berk. Berk initiated the process of accessing everyone’s personal information, bank account details, email passwords, admin log to access every network in the world.

Berk started seeing Kubra as a god of the modern generation. The artificial intelligence technology changed so many things in society. Every day he started sending messages to the people around the country. In theory, some humans made decisions irrationally, but as the size of artificial intelligence technology expanded, the mechanism nearly operates in the same manner.

Berk found out these irregularities among human beings and started exploring new possibilities through artificial intelligence. Berk got obsessed with the fantasies made by artificial intelligence; he lost his humanity and kept doing the things he shouldn’t have done. His assistant Adem found that Berk is doing something bad with the use of artificial intelligence.

The selfish behavior of Berk had no limits; he threatened his friend Adem, who stood with for years to work on this Kubra project. Berk’s obsession in doing unauthorized access to people’s lives made his mindset more negative. The character portrayed like a young man with vision but not emotions.

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That’s all about the character of Berk. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.”


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