‘Merve’ In ‘Kubra’ Actress Name”: Netflix presents Turkish mystery drama with eight episodes that tells the story of a mechanic who believed he talked to the divine from messages he got from Ai Kubra. He believed it’s Allah who is speaking to him and led a path with his supporters to help people.

Merve is a beautiful intelligent girl in her twenties, played by Turkish actress Aslihan Malbora. Aslihan is very pretty and matches her roles very well with her charm. She is well known for her acting in The Bad Penny (2021), Etkileyici (2021), and Seven Ne Yapmaz (2017). She delivered her best throughout this series. She has a different look in this series from other roles she did.

Merve is Gokhan’s girlfriend. They were in a very good relationship for years. Even before Gokhan went to the army, they were in love. From the first episode itself, we can see Merve tells about Gokhan’s changes when he came back from the army. She cares about her boyfriend very well. She requested him to stop taking these risks to save others. Merve is a girl with possessiveness just like other girlfriends. When Gokhan gets an anonymous message from Kubra, Merve thought it’s a girl and started arguing about it.

Merve is a working girl; she likes to do a job rather than sitting idle at home. Gokhan tells her she can quit the job, but she is not that dependent type. Merve has no mother just like Gokhan has no father. Merve’s father already knows their relationship. Merve tells Gokhan to make a partnership in Gokhan’s current shop and make the future safe so that they can introduce to father about marriage. We can see Merve always was there with Gokhan when he needed help and consolation.

At first, when Gokhan said about Allah talking to him, she didn’t believe it. But she never opposed him; she always supported him on his path. She made him cool when he gets tensed. She motivates him when he got demotivated. When situations got critical and people started protesting each other, Merve found a solution to stop it.

She planned on faking the shooting of Gokhan to make people believe in Gokhan’s words. Even without his consent and it can go sideways, she used it to make Gokhan on track from dying. Merve was there on all sides of Gokhan’s success and his sorrows. Now they are married to each other; they make a good husband and wife with their love.

That’s all about the character of Merve. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.”

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