Clifton Suspension Bridge Incident: To Catch A Copper is a newly released Channel 4 three-episodic docuseries that tells us the stories of police inhumanity and brutalities. Episode 1 of the show is around 40 minutes long and it tells us the story of the Clifton Suspension Bridge Incident. Here we are going to tell you what really happened there and whether there are any real names or pictures of victims or police officers available on the internet or not.

The story starts at Clifton Suspension Bridge where a woman was trying to jump off the bridge, and her mental condition was not well. Someone tells the police about the same, and a group of police officers reaches Clifton Suspension Bridge and arrests the lady. They arrest her on charges of creating a nuisance. Everything was fine until here, and then all of a sudden an officer threw the pepper spray in her eyes, and the victim was badly injured.

Officers also made jokes about her while taking her to the police station, and the way the victim was kept in the car, she was having difficulties in breathing. On the way to the police station, she kept on screaming that she couldn’t breathe and her eyes were burning, but no one listened to her, and instead of listening and helping her, they made jokes about her and they were planning dinner and all other stuff.

Upon investigation, the investigators were shocked to see the footage, and responsible officers were suspended with immediate effect. The names of the officers and victims were never revealed by the investigating team due to privacy reasons.

There was a huge backlash on social media for not disclosing the names of the police officers. As per some media reports, after the case became high-profile in the media and when everyone was asking to punish those officers. The two officers left their jobs and they are not working with the police department anymore. The sad thing is that they were never punished for that inhuman act.

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Hope you got an idea about the Clifton Suspension Bridge Incident. Drop your thoughts about the series in the comments.



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