Hints From 1899 That Made It Obviously Clear That It Was A Simulation Before The Reveal: The DARK creators have done it again, delivering yet another mind-bending story about an immigrant ship that starts from the ship in sea and in the end, it’s the ship in space.

Pretty dope, no? There are so many things one might want to include when starting to talk about 1899 but the most important would be that the 1899 (the year) in which we were hoping that everything would be set in, is actually a simulation and we get to know about that in clarity later on in the series when we’re more than a couple of Episodes in.

However, there were pretty clear signs that made it very clear right from the first Episode that what we’re seeing is actually a simulation. Here are those hints that gave it away.

1). In the first Episode where Maura is sitting alone in the dining hall and is joined by Mrs. Wilson, there’s a brief moment where Mrs. Wilson picks up the cup to drink tea, and right at that moment, we witness all the people present in the dining room do the same thing. They were doing it in unison.

2). During the whole episode, pick any you want there are these glitches, audio and video glitches

3). In every Episode’s start, you’ll see one of the characters in their traumatic pasts reliving those events and at a certain point they wake up but it’s always the voice of Maura that tells them to “wake up” which makes us feel that they are in some kind of induced recalling procedure.

These hints were shown to us way before the word “SIMULATION” was thrown into the series which pretty much gave it away that it was all a simulation.

Feel free to comment on any other hints that you found.



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