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Elliot in 1899 – ‘1899’ Episode 2 Recap Ending Explained | Netflix

‘1899’ Episode 2 Recap Ending Explained: 1899 Episode 2 has been titled “The Boy” and it starts with the memories of Eyk Larsen, the captain of the Kerberos in which we see a house burning with Nina inside which is one of Eyk’s daughters from the picture in his cabin in the ship.

Eyk has three daughters and a wife and he sees one of his daughters, Nina burns along with his mother in the house. It is later revealed that Eyk’s wife put herself and the 3 daughters on fire in the house.

Eyk wakes up from that dream which seemed like a nightmare but then, is called to inform that after their arrival from Prometheus, all the compasses on the ship including the individual ones that someone might carry, of them have become directionless. On the other hand, Maura takes the boy that they found from Prometheus into her room and while he’s sleeping she finds a ring from his waistcoat.

That might be the ring that we saw in one of Maura’s memories where she’s making love with someone and we can clearly see a ring that is similar to this one.

After the boy’s arrival on Kerberos, everything starts to go haywire and Eyk starts to hear his daughter Nina’s folk song, Not only that, after finding a very expensive 45,000 tons of steel ship when they reach out to the shipping company, the only response is just two words “Sink Ship” which Eyk finds very suspicious so he takes the decision to turn around and take the ship back to Europe, where they departed.

We also find something true about one of the passengers, the Spanish brothers are not really brothers, they’re lovers who have fled and are going to the US. Meanwhile, Maura finds a mark of a triangle with a line in between which can also be considered the alchemical sign of Earth, That sign is also seen on the top of the letter sent to Maura by her brother, and not only that, the ship’s carpet also has the same sign.

The Episode ends with Ada’s death who has been killed by Daniel, the person who boards Kerberos the night when Eyk along with Maura got on Prometheus.

The last scene of the Episode is when we see that everything happening on the ship is being captured by TV Screens and someone is watching those screens.


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