1899′ Episode 1 Ending Explained: 1899 has been released on Netflix and each episode of the series is complete madness giving insights into what the creators of DARK have brought to us now. The first episode of the series is titled “The Ship”, here’s the recap of the Episode.

The Episode starts with a poem by Emily Dickinson titled “The Brain Is Wider Than The Sky” which tells us the vastness of the brain and what its true potential of the brain might be. We see news about a ship called Prometheus which has been lost at sea for the last 4 months and then it takes us to the current ship, called Kerberos.

Then the Episode moves on to introduce Maura Franklin who is repeating to herself about who she is and where is she from which feels like she’s stopping herself from going crazy and needs these remembrances.

Then we see Maura going to the dining hall where she’s accompanied by Mrs. Wilson who tells her about the rumors spreading around and at the same time gives us a glimpse of the characters that we’re going to see more of, in the upcoming Episodes.

Lucien, Clemence & Jerome Backstory

We see a Danish guy come running into the dining hall asking for a doctor’s help and when he’s escorted out by the sailors, Maura follows she finds Danish immigrants in the ship who are sort of caged, and there she finds the guy who takes her to his sister, Tove who is pregnant and seven months due already and finds out that the baby is tangled up in the umbilical cord so Maura turns the child in the womb which helps Tove.

Maura meets a young girl, Ada who when touches Maura’s womb, gives her visions about memories she doesn’t remember and she rushes to the ship’s deck. Her visions include an image of a bug on someone’s palm and then her father whom she confronts about her brother’s disappearance, then room 1011, and then herself tied to a chair and making love with someone wearing a ring, and then a pyramid-shaped thing in someone’s hand.

She’s accompanied by the captain of the Kerberos Eyk Larsen and the two get interrupted when the sailors come with news that they have been getting the same message for the last 20 minutes and they think it’s from the lost ship, Prometheus.

We see that the letter that has Maura going to the US is because of her brother and he sent her a letter saying “What Is Lost, Will Be Found” on top of the letter’s opening and that same cover has also been sent to Eyk as well.

After the captain orders to crew to move to the location, they’re able to find Prometheus and Eyk decides to board Prometheus and find if there are any survivors. After denials from the other sailors, Eyk takes Maura and other passengers with him to Prometheus and finds nothing else but a boy who carries a pyramid with him.

Before the Episode ends, we see a person climbing the ship, drenched in the water who goes to unlock room 1013 with the help of that green bug, right next to 1012 which is Maura’s room, and goes inside.



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