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Maura Fielding, Daniel & Eliott Backstory ‘1899’ – Why They Were There? | Netflix

Maura Fielding, Daniel & Eliott Backstory: 1899 has finally arrived on Netflix and it has been making the fans all over in one word, going BONKERS! With the show not only giving us a complex storyline but also a high-tech take on reality itself, we’re in for a crazy ride.

At the end of the season, what the creators have done is let us get consumed by the very thought that 1899 was a simulation and Maura wakes up in a spaceship that is in 2199 meaning what we saw in 1899 is a simulation and there’s a bigger thing at play here.

With this thought taking over the whole idea of 1899, we have been hinted by the writers themselves that “We’re not asking the right questions”. So, in lieu of that, we thought it’s good to know the backstories of the characters so we’d be able to make sense of 1899 a bit more since there might be some reality to their backstories and not everything that we were shown is supposedly fiction.

Backstory of Maura Fielding, Daniel & Eliott

Maura Fielding is a doctor who majored in Neuroscience her husband Daniel Solace is an Engineer and Eliott is their son. Now, in Season 1 we get to know that Eliott had a condition because of which he had died and Maura wasn’t able to let go of that and created a simulation of Eliott’s room along with her husband.

There’s a scene where Maura and Daniel are together in a room below the grave inside Maura’s memories and Daniel says to Maura that this is the first simulation that they had created.

Maura hasn’t been able to let go of her son’s death and that is why so she created everything and she hid the key to the exit code of the simulation inside an object, and also made herself forget about that.

This is the idea that we get from Henry Singleton, her father who has been looking at everything happening inside the ship with his inside man, Sebastian, and when he finally gets the hold of Eliott along with the pyramid.

Daniel, on the other hand, is part of the simulation and his objective is to stop the simulation to run again which means it’ll restart and they (Daniel & Eliott) have never been this far in the simulation.

They need Maura to remember where the key exactly is, so then she could come out of this simulation and stop this once and for all.


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