‘1899’ Episode 3 Ending Explained: 1899 Season 1 Episode 3 is titled “The Fog” and it starts with the memories of Ling Yi in which we see that she’s drowning in the sea while being caged and then suddenly being woken up by the voice of Maura. It then moves on to Ling Yi who confronts her mother Yuk Je that getting on the ship was a wrong idea and then we see more of how she came to Kerberos.

She accidentally overdosed on the medicine that her mother used to give to men who came to her for bodily pleasures but Ling Yi made a mistake and overdosed on Mei Mei and killed her instead. She and Yuk Je throw the body of Mei Mei into the sea and then get on Kerberos.

At the same time, we see Kerberos covered all around with a thick fog all around, so much so that it’s hard for the ship to move forward. Eyk decides to go on the Prometheus again after constant rejection from the other two sailors to fetch the captain’s logbook which contains all the whereabouts of what happened, so Eyk might have an idea of what happened in Prometheus.

We see The Boy getting under the bed with the pyramid and after a while, Daniel Solace, the person who boarded Kerberos the night Prometheus was found asks him “Did you find it?”.

With things keeping their unsettling tone, after finding Ada, the Danish girl dead with no proper cause of any forced entry we see 3 more passengers dropping dead. Ling Yi, on the other hand, is unable to accept the truth that she is to become a whore like her mother and she runs away and later returns with a grasp of reality and acknowledges that position she has put herself into and she must do it.

Lucien arrives there as her first customer and she performs for him and then Lucien gets a seizure.

Eyk and Maura are in the Prometheus and are trying to find the captain’s logbook but don’t find any. Instead, Eyk finds the passengers list of Prometheus and is surprised to see the name “Maura Franklin” on it and is sure that Maura isn’t telling him everything.

Both of them find a device in Prometheus that was supposed to measure the steam pressure and send signals up to the bridge but it never worked on Kerberos. It was put there for something else. In the end, Daniel seems to be controlling that device with a remote-control sort of thing and in the end, due to that device, the Kerberos vanishes into thin air along with the fog.



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