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Slumberland 2 Release Date ? Netflix | Will There Be A Sequel?

Slumberland 2 Release Date: Slumberland has been released on the streaming platform Netflix for a week now and it has been showered with love all over the world by the fans, The festive season is coming and the plethora of content is flowing in that talks about hope and yet to come best of times and Slumberland is not behind in that, it not only gives you a story about belonging but accepting the reality and coming to terms with it.

Instantly after watching it, one must be thinking if the film is going to have a sequel or not. Well, here’s what we know.

Slumberland is not a normal movie for Netflix, it was made on a whopping $150M budget, probably for casting Jason Momoa and Kyle Chandler who are pretty big stars and if the film is received well by people all over Netflix might want to keep this feat going.

I mean if Netflix can convince Alex Pena to write more seasons of Money Heist then probably this is possible too right? On the other hand, the film is based on a novel which they’ve pretty much covered in the film so the original material has ended which makes for very little hope that there will be any sequel for it.

So, even if Netflix decides to come on board with a sequel, there’s going to be some phenomenal and original writing needed otherwise we’ll end up with another lousy sequel.

So, in final words as of now there’s no official news from Netflix about any sequels or probably it’s way too early to make that decision so we can expect the news after a couple of months when the news films like Knives Out have taken over the world and Slumberland isn’t getting enough views and then Netflix would be able to make a decision about it and we’ll hear about that in the next Tudum Event.



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