“Halo” Season 1 Recap: Paramount+ presents a nine-episodic sci-fi series ” Halo” which is currently streaming now in the platform. You can watch it in Hindi on JioCinema ( In India). Halo series is based on a popular game of the same name. This sci-fi game was released in 2001 & became the best-selling game of that time. The game is a sci-fi FPS shooter game that was ahead of its time. The series is based on the game.

As HBO worked on the ” Last Of Us” PC game, Paramount+ has also developed their first live-action series based on the game. After the release of the First episode in 2022, it got huge criticism for its story & cast. But later it was appreciated. Season 1 was just a building phase of the character which is completely different from the game’s story arc.

“Halo” Season 1 Recap

In 2023, the second season of this series was announced. And today the first episode of ” Halo: Season 2″ will release. Before we jump into the discussion of season 2 let’s have a quick recap of season 1.

The series starts with Kwan Ha ( played by Yerin Ha) who lives in Madrigal. She lost her whole city when the alien covenant attacked their planet. Luckily, Master Chief rescued her. That time Master Chief was ordered to execute Kwan Ha but that’s the first time he didn’t obey his order. He takes Kwan Ha to his friend Pal Soren ( played by Bokeem Woodbine). Soren also served for UNSC but he escaped from there a long time ago.

Kwan became most wanted by Politician Vinsher Grath, she also found that her ancestors were appointed to guard the treasure from the forerunner. The main hero of the story or also in the game is a super soldier named ” John-117″ , who is also known as a ” Master Chief” played by Pablo Schrieber. His main fight was against an alien army which is known as ” Alien Covenant “. Also later the members of “The United Nations Space Command ( UNSC)” became against of him.

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Mater Chief got some visuals of his past life whenever he came in contact of a relic. Soon by soon through the visuals he understands his past life & also about Dr.Catherine Halsey( played by Natascha McElhone). He gets to know how the doctor kidnapped her & ordered him to serve to her ” Spartan Supersoilder Program “. Dr. Halsey made a A. I am known as Cortana ( played by Jen Taylor). It was mainly designed to control the Master Chief.

Later Master Chief met with Makee( played by Charlie Murphy). Makee is a young woman who serves for the alien. She went to contact with Chief to find out about the ” Sacred Ring” or ” Halo”. Her original mission is to recover all the pieces of the Relic. For this, she came with a physical relationship with John. Later,she taken that Relic & ran away from there. Chief with his silver team went to ” Raad Kkhotskha” to face Makee.

A huge fight scene against the whole alien covenant injured Master Chief. At that time Cortana control his body just like the game. On the other sides, we know that Doctor Catherine doesn’t die yet as we saw in the last episode. The UNSC captures a clone of Dr.Catherine so she is alive. Dr.Catherine is in a “reach City” & they are planning to leave the planet.

The “HALO” ring which is an important part of the game isn’t revealed too much in this season. Season 1, just a base & the building of the characters. The characters are found lots of pieces to go their dream world. Master Chief got the two artifacts to get the visuals of the ring World. Season 1, shows the religious side of the ” Halo” ring like for the Master Chief it is something more spiritual or holy thing. But in the game, the alien Covenant thinks it be will give them a lot of space to win any battle.

Dr. Hasley had a dream to create a perfect world for humans. But it could make her the antagonist of this series. As she also wants to do something big. Previously she forced little John to become a superhuman or a Spartan. Her Spartan plan might be to create some powerful human who is basically controlled by her.

The Prophets or the bosses or the alien army must be alive or return in the next episode. As their pan got failed they must return to do it successfully next time. The gamers or the die-hard fans of the ” HALO” franchise think that Makee’s role is very much similar to ” The Arbiter” , which is a famous character of the game.

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So, it’s a starting phase but it was a little bit dragged. We hope season 2 might fulfill the expectations of the fan-followers. The VFX was good & that nostalgic ” HALO music” at the end was so satisfying that indicates Season 2 gonna be more wild.

So, what will be the next step of Dr Catherine? how is she gonna change human civilization? Makee & Master Chief is died or not?Also what about Kwan? Where she is now?

All of these questions remain unanswered from season 1. We have to keep eye from season 2.

Season 1 is currently streaming now in Paramount+ & JioCinema. Season is 2 is currently streaming now with only two episodes in English language along with subtitles.



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