Ishura Episode 9 Release Date: “Ishura” is a twelve-episodic dark anime series based on the best-selling manga of the same Name. The anime adaptation is currently streaming now in Disney plus Hotstar with only Eight Episodes, while the rest will come weekly. In this article, we are going to discuss the release date of the next episode. So, stay tuned!

Before we start our discussion let’s talk about the story of this series. The story is shows that after the True demon king died the peace of different regions are totally gone, in this time heros from different places come together to show their power.

The last episode was kinda good. A new war is going to be start soon. So, we are at the edge of the war. Taren is one of the most powerful Women & also known as a self-proclaimed Demon King. She barrages Mage city. The whole city is in very bad condition right now. Regnejee & his swarm team attacked on the city from the sky. The Wyverns team started throwing stones which killed the people of the City. That’s how the war is going on. On the other side, Yuno & Soujirou also in Lithia. We are literally waiting to see a fight between Soujirou & Taren.

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Mage City have nothing to defend meanwhile, Alus the Starrunner reached there. He is on the fastest Wyverns who killed the group of swarms within a second. He taking charge from air attack & Nihilo reached there to do the ground attack. Things are more interesting as they are coming together to defend in the war. Seeing them the people of the Mage city also risen up & take their tools to attack.

Yuno knows that Dakai is behind the destruction of the city of Nagan. But, Dakai said it’s not his fault as the schoolers of the people are very excited to see what’s happening there so they might activated. It’s obvious & everybody knows about this . Yuno understands he is powerful that’s why he isn’t care about her words. Yuno stops talking with him because she knows that she can’t defeat him.

At the time of the Bombardment Elea & Kia is started to find Lana. Elea wants to kill her because she knows about ” Kia : The World Art” ; meanwhile Kia just wants to rescue her. In the prison, they met Lana but Higuare also approached her. He used poison Gas which affects everyone present there. Kuze also present that place & his angle Nastique protects himself from everything. So, after Higuare started the attack Nastique killed him. The powerful maniac Higuare just died for nothing. That’s how the episode also ended.

It’s interesting to see what’s gonna happen next because lots of characters will met their opponents in this war. So, wait for the next episode. The next episode or I can say Episode 9 of ” Ishura” is going to be released on next Wednesday. So, it will be released on 28th February.

That’s all about the next episode released date of ” Ishura”. It will be released next Wednesday which is on 28th February. So, it will be released at 7:30 PM( IST).

Right now, you can watch all Eight episodes of ” Ishura” currently streaming now in Disney+Hotstar with Japanese language along with subtitles .



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