“Constellation” Episode 1: Apple Original presents an eight-episodic American sci-fi series ” Constellation” which is currently streaming now in the platform with only three episodes, the rest will come weekly.

In this episode, we are going to discuss the recap of episode 1. Before starting it let’s have a quick recap of the story of this series. This is a story about a female astronaut Joe, after returning back from space she is facing lots of unreal things. Let’s see what is exactly happening with her.

The series starts in a winter country “Vindelälven” in North Sweden where Jo is with her Daughter Alice. Suddenly, they were followed by a police car. Jo thinks that they are trying to capture her but it’s not. But, it looks like she has something that she is afraid of. Meanwhile, from the radio, we got the news that the capsule was on fire. Later They reach an abandoned house.

“Constellation” Episode 1 Summary

Deep cold outside, Jo started to turn on the fire. As Alice wants to know about the story of space, Jo is ready to tell her. Young Alice started to watch the video of Johanna aka Jo(her mother ), who is an astronaut, and works for the European Space Agency. She lives in the International Space Station. We see that Jo has something glowing from the “NASA”, while she goes outside to hide it. She listens to some voice calling her ” Momma” but young Alice is already in her. Then whose voice it is?

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Cologne, Germany story of 5 weeks earlier. Alice stays there with her father. Her mother works in the International Space Station(ISS),286 miles above earth. she called her mother & started discussing her day. On the ship, we saw other members like Yaz and Paul.

Paul is looking for a new state of matter so he is busy on working. But suddenly it busted. After this accident, she tried to contact NASA Mission Control in Houston, Texas. They informed Jo to go into the evacuation capsule. They somehow extinguished the fire & went into the hatch.

Ericsson, Andreev, Brostin, Suri, Lancaster everyone is okay without Paul. A piece of the ship stuck in his hand & made him badly injured. Although, Jo tried with Ilya to take care of him but was unable to do it. Jo Tried to fix the problem by walking outside. She has to fix the power cable but its situation is so bad that not to be fixed. She went upside to fix the cable which is broken & while repairing it she found a body with an orange suit. She says that it was a dead female cosmonaut, USSR, Society. But in the camera, we saw nothing.

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Commander Henry ordered that the people on the board must collect the data of the project & equipment before evacuation. After this incident, everybody got into the evacuation ship, but they got a repair schedule for Soyuz 1. Three people can leave in Soyuz 2 & remaining crew must fix the power damage in Soyuz 1 by using 606 batteries from the Russian Command Module. As in the ship it is insufficient life support to sustain more than one person other three must leave. In this situation, they must choose one who could stay there. Jo ordered that Ilya,Yaz & Audrey must return to Earth by Soyuz 2.

So, she can stay in Soyuz 1 for repair. In clear words, she is staying in the space & others are returning. She ordered her team to went back into Earth. Jo locked them & help them to leave from the station. Later we see how they cross space & landed on Earth. After they safely landed a medical team are came to take them. Later we see Jo for information that she have approx 19 hours of Oxygen support left.

Alice with her father went to the school. Sometime later Alice & her father Magnus got information that Jo isn’t coming back. Magnus informed to Alice that Wendy’s father Paul is died. So, Jo have to fix Soyuz 1 as soon as possible with 606 batteries. She has oxygen & power in the ISS & for 45 minute of interval to talk with the communication centre. She also can talk with her family also as Alice & Magnus head towards to Kazakhstan to talk with Jo.

She successfully entered into the Soyuz 1. She watches the videos of little Alice to pass the time. We understand how much she loves her daughter. After taking interval she again went to find the batteries so that she could repair the Soyuz. When Alice & Magnus reached there the communication system broke down. Jo is unable to talk with her family. At the space station, Jo everybody tried a lot to talk with her. Time is flying soo fast , Jo went to Soyuz. On the other side, watching unable to contact Mother, Alice went outside. Magnus tried to capture her & but was later unable to find out.

On the other side, the Sun goes down & something strange happens with Jo after she back into the Soyuz. She heard some noise of banging doors. First, she tried to unnoticed it. But whatever she heard it’s clear but strange. She went out to find what was happening & found a door. After she reached there she went into a room with a door in it. She opened her mask & went towards to open it . The door have the same necklace that her daughter has. Suddenly, she went back into the past sequence.

In the blizzard, she was trying to find her daughter’s voice calling her. After she returned to that Abandoned house where she was staying. She opened the door & found everything inside the house is frozen. Things are very anomalous right there. She found a dead cat & the floor was filled with ice. She went upstairs & found that the door of the closet is banging with the same necklace. After opening it she finds her Daughter Alice. That’s how episode 1 ended.

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Three episodes of “Constellation” are currently streaming now in Apple TV in English language along with subtitles.



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