Masters of the Air Episode 6 Preview: AppleTV presents nine episodic historical war drama series which tells the story of America’s 100th bomber group who fought against Nazis in World War II.The show is created by John Orloff and the executive producers are legendary director Steven Spielberg and legendary actor Tom Hanks.

This series shows the victories and failures of the American bomber groups who fought against nazis in daylight missions.

The last episode was a tragedy after the missions. The crews went for back-to-back missions. It drained their energy and they saw other crews dead in front of them. Mainly the missing of Cleven shocked them, as he was best major they had seen till now with his experience. The last episode was after the bad news about Buck. Bucky came back to camp and Crosby also came back.

Everyone was happy to meet Crosby again. Crosby was praised by other members for his navigation skills which gave them success. Egan’s arrival made them worry about the next mission which can happen anytime next.

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Crews gathered for a meeting for their next mission. And the crews went for their missions. The last episode had one epic scene were the crews took off to air. The scene was excellent with its camerawork and background scores. Crosby meets Bubbles again, they both are happy when they see each other. Bubbles told him that Crosby is promoted and would be in the office from now on and he will replace him as a navigator.

Crews go on a mission with Egan as head, but the Germans had the majority airforce and they took down most of the American planes. Egan’s plane also got hit by the German fighters, Egan somehow landed the plane in German soil. At the camp, only one plane came back after the mission.

Next episode promo shows Egan appearing from water when a German guy looking to kill him. Also, we saw Crosby taking a break and went to his home. Many emotional scenes are shown in the promo. We can expect some good moments in the upcoming episode. Also don’t see any hints showing air fights in the promo so it can be a normal episode without air fights but we can expect something from Egan on the next episode.

Episode 6 will be available on AppleTV 23rd of February. It is expected to have about 61 minutes of runtime for episode 6. The first five episodes are available to stream in AppleTV with English language and subtitles.

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