Flex x Cop Episode 8 Release Date: Disney presents a detective action crime thriller Korean drama called ‘Flex x cop ‘with sixteen episodes. The story is about a rich man who got to work as a detective due to unexpected circumstances, how the rich man will do his duty as a cop and make his father win the election is the rest of the story. The drama is a package of action, comedy and investigation.

Flex x Cop is an investigation of Korean drama with an hour-long duration for each episode. As of now, a total six episodes has been released by Disney. The South Korean drama premiered on January 26, 2024 through Disney all over the world. The show has sixteen episodes with nearly seventy Minutes of duration. Disney has released two episodes per week as of now.

The last episode ended with Isoo and Kang hyun solving the serial killer case. The last episode showcased the investigation on serial killers who are killing elder people for money. Two young men went to elderly people houses and killed them For money. They used a fake identity of funeral home photographers to enter the house. The aged people got convinced and invited them home, later the killers put Syringes on their bodies and killed them. They even robbed the great seal of Korea from the house, which has been missing for years.

Isoo and Kang Hyun investigated the case; Isoo tried to trap the killers by spending one billion won money to buy Great Seal, but they robbed the money and escaped. Later Isoo conveyed a new plan to catch the killers, he convinced Kang Hyun’s father to invite the serial killers to his home and act like other victims. Isoo raised two two-billion offers for an unworthy item at Kang Hyun’s home, The killers got excited and reached her home to rob but unfortunately, Isoo, Kang Hyun and the cops had already reached the spot and caught them. Isoo got awarded for bringing back the Great Seal of korea. News channels telecasted the news and his father got happy to see him making Hansu group proud.

The next episode will feature a new murder case. Isoo and Kang Hyun will be investigating new cases. Their combination got stronger after each case. Isoo’s father got the attention of Isoo as a cop who got popular because of his talents. Isoo’s father will try his best to make Isoo leave from his mother’s house. Isoo will keep denying his request to leave that house.

‘Flex x cop’ season one, episode 7th and 8th, is scheduled to release on this week. Disney will release the 7th episode on February 23 and 8th episode will be on released on February 24. They planned to release to two episodes per week untill finale.

Flex x cop‘ all six episodes streaming through Disney in Korean audio with English subtitles.



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