Masters of the Air Episode 5: Adapted from best selling “Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany” by Donald Miller, AppleTV presents ‘Masters of the Air’ a nine-episodic series with the famous creators of ‘Band of Brothers’ with executive producers Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks. The story is about the American bomber groups who fought in World War II.

The episode opens with Bucky sitting inside the flight, Lemmons wakes him and tells that Colonel Harding is calling him. Crosby and some others also arrived at the camp. Crosby tells in voiceover that Bremen was the toughest mission they have gone and their left wing caught fire but somehow Blakely got them back.

Masters of the Air Episode 5 Summary

Also he says Major Cleven was such a great guy and he was invisible, that he didn’t expect he will go down. Soldiers are happy to see them back. They all are drinking and taking rest after continuous missions. Everyone looks tired and trying to relax. Suddenly Egan comes and everyone gets the vibe that another mission is coming without any rests. All are talking about Buck and others who lost in the missions.

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When they saw Crosby they all starts praising him, as he is the greatest navigator in the 8th Air Force and he did very good job at their missions. Crosby is happy to see bubbles again. Bubbles says he is very glad that Crosby is back, and he thought Crosby is dead and wrote letters to Crosby’s wife but gladly he didn’t send it. Bubbles says he is the new group navigator in the unit to Crosby, which makes Crosby work at the office as navigatore without going up.

A meeting goes on with crews detailing about their next mission which city centre in Munster. There will be citizens there that may get killed by the mission, but the mission will disrupt German transportation. But this time only 17crews will go for the mission. Crews are worried about killing the citizens but Bucky is not caring about those as he is determined to win this mission for retreating against what happened to Buck. Bucky changes his jacket before going to air craft as Buck didn’t like that jacket.

They went on mission by Crosby is at the camp, waiting for their return. Up in the air the fights are happening between both, lot of injurries and take downs happened. Bucky’s flight also got hit very bad. But Bucky is very determined to put the bomb there and he tried his best with crew.

Egan lands the flight somewhere at the fields in german territory. Other crews were still trying to complete the mission, but the german fighters are too many to handle and fight which made almost all american fighters getting failed on the mission. Next we see at the camp everyone waiting for everyone’s arrival. But only one plane came back. They landed the flight and went for interrogation. While going one of the crew member says he won’t go to another deadly mission again.

At the interrogation the officers kept asking about each crews status, but they don’t have answers to it because of the fighting pressure they couldn’t log the details of other crews. Most of them are dead, there is nothing about Egan’s status too.

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This episode was another tragedy in story, but for the viewers it will be a good watch. But there is a best goosebumps scene were the fighter flights take off for the mission, that scene was at best making The background score was also really lifted the scene. It was really adrenaline pumping scene were u see all those fighters in a pattern taking off for the mission. Let’s see what happens to Egan on next episode.



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