Flex X Cop Episode 6 Recap and Explained: Disney presents a detective crime thriller Korean drama. The drama is a package of action, comedy and investigation. The story is about a young son of a wealthy family who got appointed as a detective by accident, how he becomes a good cop and solves tough cases is the core plot of the show.

The sixth episode opens with a murder execution glimpse of the two serial killers. They enter the house after sending a message to the aged persons, they look like photographers for funeral pictures but actually, they are cold-blooded criminals. After entering the house, they inject the syringe inside aged people and then kill them.

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The killers seem intelligent and professional, they never leave any traces of the murder. Kang Hyun and the team had a clash with her subordinates for handing over the case files of old victims. The Superior gave her permission to move forward with the case. Isoo on the other side, starts his investigation in a different way.

Isoo concentrated on acquiring the great seal from the killers. He quoted it on the dark web with an amount of one billion won. Isoo gathered one billion won from a bank at night with the help of the manager. Kang Hyun, Isoo and the team took the money and went to a club to buy the great seal. Isoo and Kang Hyun were wearing a party costume on their mission to catch the culprits.

Flex X Cop Episode 6 Summary

They went to the elevator to hand over the money. They put a location tracker on the bags but unfortunately, the killers took the money and left the place without any trace. The cops traced the tracker but it was a lose end.

Isoo came up with another idea to catch the killers. He put an ad on dark web about a rare item and asked the killers to bring it for two billion won. They looked for an elder person to act as the person with that item. Kang Hyun talked with her ex-detective father, but he denied it at first. Later Isoo and Kang Hyun convinced him to do the role. Isoo sent a free travel voucher to Kang Hyun’s mother to make her leave the house for few days. She left the place and the team arranged cameras for everything inside the house. The team kept waiting for the killers, they watched the monitors every minute untill the killer arrived.

In the end of episode six, the killers appear at Kang Hyun’s house. They called her father and talked about taking free funeral photos. Her father invited them inside, they looked at the rare item inside the house and planned to inject the syringe. They tried to kill kang Hyun’s father but suddenly he started fighting back. Kang Hyun and the team left the surveillance room with guns and jackets.

They reached her house to rescue him, but the killers put the knife under his neck. Killers ordered them to drop the guns, and unexpectedly Isoo jumped out of nowhere and kicked one killer. Sametime, her father also kicked another guy. They put chains on killers and put them on jail. In the end, Isoo got a special award for finding the great seal and boosted the popularity of his father’s campaign.

Overall the sixth episode was fun-filled. The investigation part was engaging without any lags. Isoo character was pretty much a delight to watch. The team will come up with a new case in the next episode.

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