‘Monsieur Spade’ Review: AMC presents their six episodic mini crime drama series which tells the story of Samuel Spade a character from Dashiell Hammett’s 1930 novel ‘The Maltese Falcon’. Samuel Spade a veteran detective came to a village to keep the promise he gave to his late friend. Samuel gets involved with unexpected incidents happening in Bezouls.

We have seen many crime series before, but in just six episodes ‘Monsieur Spade‘ never showed any repeatations. The series is written, co-directed, and co-produced by Scott Frank who is the creator of the popular series ‘The Queens of Gambit’ and Tom Fontana who created ‘City on a Hill’. The series’ production quality is very impressive.

Like their recent works of creators, they took care of the show very well without diminishing the quality. They tried their best to explain things in just six episodes is appreciable. These complex characters are explained and shown in just six episodes by giving good screen space to the characters.

The main attraction of this series is its location. Bezoul’s location shown in the series is very beautiful. The way it is portrayed makes it more attractive to the viewers. The cinematography is at its best showing the visuals of Bezouls.

Each shot is well captured by them. We can see the art department did its best to showcase the old houses and other things in Bezoul. The guns, their dress, their car everything is very well analyzed and shown in a very detailed way throughout the series. The old dressing styles and guns made the show very pleasing to watch.

Every actor in this series did their best to portray the roles. Especially Clive Owen who acted as Samuel Spade did his job at his peak. Other casts also did a very fine job but as Samuel Spade Clive Owen lived as the character. He maintained a role in his classy look. Apart from him Jonathan Zaccai who acted as Phillipe Saint Andrae also did an excellent job in his deadly look as a negative character.

Overall the series is very well written and made at best production quality. The story is unique and has many twists and turns which every thriller show viewers expect. I also expected these kinds of thrilling moments and I got satisfied on every episode.

Each episode builds the story to make the viewers wait for the next episode. Started in a slow narration then went at a very high speed. They had too much content in their hand to show the viewers. The series is highly recommended by me. I rate 4 out of 5 for this crime thriller series.

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