Monsieur Spade Season 1 Ending Explained: AMC presents a six-episodic crime thriller with the famous character detective Samuel Spades which is a famous character from Dashiell Hammett’s 1930 novel The Maltese Falcon. The story revolves around Samuel Spade coming to l0Bezouls, France to deliver his friend’s daughter to her father.

Episode 6 starts with a romance flashback of Jean Pierre and Marguerite. Then we see Marguerite talking with Samuel and Patrice. They are discussing Jean and Zahid. The bar attendant guy says he got kid from here and he gave it to Jean to make the boy safe. They tell Marguerite that Jean was killed by Phillipe.

Samuel came home and saw he had a visitor Mr. Kahn. Khan was the one there when Samuel was trying to open Phillip’s door. Khan is a private investigator appointed by Zahid’s parents. They want their kid even if a huge money is demanded, for that Kahn came with a deal with Phillipe for a huge amount. Khan warns Samuel not to get involved in this matter.

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Teressa meets Henry, and says she knows that he is an OAS agent. Henry declines at first then tells it’s to protect her and he is unable to tell to her and Samuel at first. Teressa go back home, but the monk was there who killed the nuns at the convent before. He is still in search for Zahid and thinks Teressa can get him to Zahid. Patrice looked for his brother but he went to Teressa and saw the monk was hurting Teressa.

He attacks the monk but fails and gets injured. We see George is not the guy we thought, he is in a relationship with Gazala and next she goes, George gets hit by a car which was driven by Cynthia. Cynthia comes out and shoots him with her gun. Marguerite comes to Phillip’s home and meets his mother. Marguerite has a gun with her.

Phillip is above the room pointing sniper gun at Kahn who came on the bridge with money to get Zahid. Gazala is exchanging the kid, on the other side Henry already pointed fun at Gazala for Kahn. After Kahn shows money, Phillipe shoots him.

Henry shoots at Phillipe but fails. Monk comes with Teressa in his custody, but Henry shoots him and distracts him, then Patrice shoots the monk and then Samuel. Monk dies and Gazala flee from there. Suddenly a car appears with a government official lady and her gunman.

At the end of the episode, the lady who was in the car gathers everyone who was there inside Phillip’s home. The lady’s name is Virginia she is the Undersecretary General for the United Nations Council for Peacetime Conflict Resolution.

Agents gathered there and said they will get hold of Zayid. But Virginia says nobody has authority and they will take care of the boy. At the end Patrice arrests Phillipe. Teressa with Samuel stands there watching Phillipe go, it’s like Samuel accepted Teressa as her daughter and Teresa to him as father.

The series is finished now, the episode was really good with a happy ending as the viewers expected it need to be. Phillipe going to jail, Zayid with good authority to solve the issue and Samuel’s rejoining with Teressa are the main interesting factors in this episode and make it a good ending.



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