Jin Yi Soo In ‘Flex X Cop’ Character Explained: Disney presents an investigation Korean drama series called “Flex X Cop” with a stellar cast. This drama is focused on investigation and action elements with a decent production value.

The drama revolves around a fun, cool, and arrogant young man from a wealthy fan who is in his happy days, enjoying everything while he can. His sudden change into a detective career is a key story for the drama.

Jin Yi Soo aka Isoo is portrayed by Ahn Bo Hyun, a well-known South Korean actor. He started his career as a debutant in 2014. He appeared in so many television shows and films from his early days. He earned a pretty much fan base in his entire career. Itaewon Class drama made a breakthrough In his career because of the exceptional performance.

He also won many awards for shows like Yumi’s cells and My Name. He also shined in Flex x cop as an action and entertainer hero.

Jin Yi Soo is pretty arrogant but a good soul with humorous behavior. He always take everything in an entertaining way. He never cares about the future. He is the third generation of the wealthiest family called Hansu Group. His father is a politician, who is trying for a mayor position in the next election. Jin Yi Soo made numerous fan following with his social media appearances.

He was always seen as an attention-seeking young man. Whatever viral thing happens, he will be there to join. He has a keen eye for selecting weird television games for popularity.

Jin Yi Soo always careless in his life. He never mind what happening with his family. His father trying to become mayor , bur due to arrogant and fun nature , he always cause problems to the family. He is a well trained fighter, he is a pro of MMA. He have a huge collection of luxury cars and bikes. For each events, he chooses different brands. He’s also a certified lawyer.

He is intelligent and capable man in all fields. Well educated but he didn’t have discipline and proper routine like his brother or his father. He wants to be seen as different from his father and brother, he took so much in building his own popularity.

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He is handsome, he managed to have a well trained body for actions. His new makeover as a real cop will be the turning point to his character from a rich to normal citizen.


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