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Death And Other Details Episode 5 : Recap, Summary and Explained

Death And Other Details Episode 5: Hulu presents a crime thriller investigation show. The show is happening around a cruise ship. A sudden murder inside the ship started revealing hidden secrets of everyone’s past, making the core plot of the show.

The fifth episode starts with the conversation between Rufus Coteworth and Leila. They were talking about past events and hints about the real man behind Danny’s murder. Rufus kept talking about Viktor Sams, Leila warned him not to utter his name anywhere, it’s highly dangerous because he has eyes everywhere. Viktor Sams had a connection with Danny’s death.

On the other side, Imogene and Sunil safely transferred the refugees out of the Cruise ship. Imogene and Sunil took a room for the night at the place.

Death And Other Details Episode 5

Rufus Coteworth believed everything Leila told him. Meanwhile, Leila came back to her room after missing for hours. She insisted that, Anna should leave the ship along with her, as soon as possible. Imogene and Sunil wandered around the place. Rufus talked with Colliers about Viktor Sams and said that he is real. Teddy met Winnie at the prison inside the ship, Teddy asked her why did she do it. She already knows about Viktor Sams, Winnie was brainwashed by Viktor Sams.

Winnie was confident that she wouldn’t utter a word about Viktor Sams. His real identity is still unknown. In Leila’s past, there was an accident, it was orchestrated by Viktor Sams, she gathered information about Viktor from a former federal employee, and she got attacked on her way by Viktor Sams.

Anna thought that Leila had mental health issues, she insisted Leila take a class with a doctor. She called a doctor and talked about Leila’s issues. But Leila wasn’t satisfied with all those things, she felt like Anna never believed in her. Leila asked for a divorce from Anna. Collier’s family and Chun’s family gathered a meeting to talk about the three billion dollar deal.

Chun’s family came up with a proposal of three billion dollars for a share of fifty-one percent in Collier Mills. Anna Collier was shocked and suddenly rejected the offer. Everyone started to walk out from the meeting, but Lawrence Collier stayed still, he said okay for Chan’s proposal.

The fifth episode ends with Imogene and Sunil meeting a lady who can bring the whereabouts of Viktor Sams. Imogene gave real documents to that lady to gather information. Imogene and Sunil go back to the ship on a boat. Meanwhile, Leila found out a bug inside her room, Rufus and Teddy searched the surveillance room for more information. Rufus found a strange map in the room, he went to the C base of the ship and broke a wall.

They found a secret room inside the base, which is a secret operating station of Viktor Sams. Let’s see what’s inside the room in the upcoming episodes.


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